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We Went to A Doug Ford Rally to Find Out Why People are Voting for Him

Doug Ford, the brother of the late Toronto major Rob Ford, is running to become Premier of Canada's largest province — Ontario. We went to a rally to see what Ford Nation looks like now.
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Pussy Riot on Feminism, Trump and Russian Propaganda

What does Pussy Riot's Nadya think about Trump, feminism, Russian propaganda and what makes people masturbate to their music videos?
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Alabama Women on the Senate Election

Alabama women weigh in on their choice for Senator.
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Roy Moore or Doug Jones? Alabama women explain their vote for senator

Alabama women weigh in on their choice for Senator.
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We Follow Transgender Politician Danica Roem on Election Night

Danica Roem just became one of America's breakthrough transgender politicians, defeating Republican Bob Marshall in Virginia's state election. We followed her in the final hours before her historic win.
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Democrat Danica Roem makes history

VICE News profiles the trans woman who won her election in Virginia.
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“Recovered” gay man is leading the Catholic church's alt-right movement

Catholicism’s Breitbart: The site 'Church Militant,' and founder Michael Voris are targeting liberal priests
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Are Black Market Twitter Bots Being Hired to Disrupt Elections?

A new study shows that some of the Twitter bots that supported Donald Trump's election also tried to derail the election of French president Emmanuel Macron and may have been hired on bot black market.

United We Stand

In the wake of Trump's election, Ellen Page and Ian Daniel go to Washington DC.
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How the Financial Crisis Led to Trump

In the first episode of Long Story Short, we look at how the financial crisis of 2008 may have led to the election of Donald Trump eight years later.
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Yesterday on the Internet: The Donald Trump Blame Game

Following election day, the liberal mainstream media has been coming together — by deciding who’s to blame.

We Got Kicked Out of a Trump Campaign HQ

Trump's official campaign notices our BALLS DEEP crew following around Trump campaign volunteer Ralph Case at the new campaign HQ he's helping set up and kicks us out.