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'Nirvanna the Band' Debate the Eroticism of Brooms in this Extra Scene

Tonight on 'Nirvanna the Band the Show,' the guys make a float and try to get it into the Santa Claus Parade. In this extra scene, Jay makes a dirty joke that totally bombs.
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We Shop for Rare Vintage Sports Gear with the Toronto Raptors' DeMarre Carroll

In this extra scene, we go vintage shopping in Toronto with DC. Look out for the full doc 'Playing D and Popping Tags with DeMarre Carroll' this week on VICE Sports.
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We Tour Oakland's Shipping Container Communities

In this extra scene, we meet Heather, who is trying to combat Oakland's housing crisis by building communities from modified shipping containers.
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We Go Gun Slinging With a Posse of Cowboy Action Shooters

How to Buy a Gun in Canada, host Manisha Krishnan gears up for a day of role-playing and wild west 'cowboy action shooting'.
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We Ride Through the Streets of Baltimore with Professional Dirt Biker, Chino

In this extra scene of 'Payday', we meet Chino, a young guy who makes his living as a professional bike rider and find out what dirt biking means to his community.
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'Zero Day' Cyber Security Flaws: Why Your Phone Is Safer Than Your Computer

The premiere of the new season of Cyberwar airs tonight and explores the secretive world of buying and selling critical software flaws. In this extra scene, host Ben Makuch finds out why a phone is more secure than a computer.
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Inside the Abandoned School That Saved a Young Dancer's Life

In this extra scene from the VICELAND show, Abandoned, Antonio tells host Rick McCrank how the now boarded up school saved his life.
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Samuel L. Jackson On Working With Spike Lee: 'I was Released Personally From My Own Demons'

Samuel L. Jackson talks about how his own experience with substance abuse impacted his performance in 'Jungle Fever' and how the role made his career what it is today.