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The Animal Sacrificing White Supremacists

Norse mythology and religions are electrifying the far-right. With a startling pattern of violence being driven by the right’s obsession with all things viking.
Decade of Hate

The Rise of Far-Right Female Influencers

Female far-right politicians and right-wing female influencers are gaining ground like never before. This is how women have become the secret weapon of the far right.
Decade of Hate

Putin’s Secret Neo-Nazi Armies

Whilst Putin claims he is “denazifying Ukraine”, he is the one who has long-cultivated ties with neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists to further his own authoritarian agenda.
Decade of Hate

The Replacement Conspiracy Inspiring Mass Shootings

The Great Replacement Theory has fuelled the world’s deadliest white supremacist terror attacks – but what exactly is it? And how has it leaked into mainstream politics?
Decade of Hate

Why The Far Right Are So Weird About Sex

From #NoWanks to hating female sexual empowerment, the far right has a weird relationship with sex. VICE’s Tim Hume explores the “manosphere’s” links with the far right.
Decade of Hate

White Supremacy Meets Eco-Warriors

White supremacy meets environmentalism. Eco-fascism is a racist ideology now gaining momentum in the far right. And it’s been linked to deadly attacks across the world.
Decade of Hate

The Far Right Are Infiltrating the Military

A growing number of extremist groups are recruiting from the military and police. Armed with weapons and training, they present a dangerous and violent threat.
Decade of Hate

Inside a Neo Nazi Fight Club

From California to Kiev, far-right MMA groups are training their members for political violence. It’s a fast-growing scene that has become more than just a sport...
Decade of Hate

How Greece Elected Nazis | Decade of Hate

Fascist salutes, extreme violence and murder. For years Greek politics had a major Nazi problem. Luckily, the leaders were thrown in jail. But one got away.
Decade of Hate

The Rise of Italy's Far Right

Violent attacks, slurs, and racially-charged shooting sprees. Black Italians are facing a surge of racism, and many say it was let loose by a politician: Matteo Salvini.
Decade of Hate

How Ukraine became a cultural hub for the extreme right

The war in Ukraine was a magnet for far-right radicals from around the world. Fighting on both sides, they gained combat experience and deep links with other extremists
Decade of Hate

How Poland’s populist government emboldened the far-right

The Polish far right is attacking women and the LGBTQ community, and the government is doing nothing. In fact, it actually called on violent extremists to join the fight.