How China is Fuelling America's Drug Epidemic

Fentanyl is the deadly drug driving the North American overdose crisis. Ben Westhoff infiltrated China’s fentanyl labs to reveal the role of the Chinese government.
VICE Canada Reports

Overdose Crisis on the US-Canada Border: Steel Town Down

WARNING: This film contains graphic images of drug use. Steel Town Down traces the cycle of drug use in a struggling Canadian steel town on the US border as it grapples with a dramatic rise in overdoses linked to fentanyl.
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The Soo's Dirty Secret (Mama Bear)

VICE followed local resident Connie Raynor-Elliott, known as "Mama Bear," who has made it her mission to help drug users and those suffering with addictions in her spare time.
VICE Canada Reports / Extra Scene

Overdose in the Soo: How I Was Left to Die by a Dumpster

We meet Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario resident Kylie, who nearly died from an opioid overdose. Her friends left her by a dumpster instead of calling for help.
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How fentanyl gets to the U.S. from China

VICE News follows the path of the dangerous drug as it moves to the U.S., and the effort to keep it from reaching the streets
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We Asked People About Harm Reduction at Music Festivals

As part of VICE's special series on harm reduction, we asked music festival-goers how concerned they are about laced drugs and how they keep themselves safe.
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

Fentanyl's Impact on Vancouver's Downtown East Side

Frontline social workers in Vancouver's Downtown East Side talk about fentanyl's impact.
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

How To Administer Naloxone

Naloxone kits are essential for preventing opioid deaths. Vice demonstrates how to administer naloxone using the kit obtained for free from a Toronto pharmacy.
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

How I Beat Fentanyl

A fentanyl addiction took over A'lisa Ramsey's life, this is how she got it back.
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

Keeping the Downtown Eastside Alive

Overdose deaths from fentanyl and other opioids have hit crisis levels and members from Vancouver's downtown eastside
VICE Canada Reports

Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier Than Heroin

Meet the young drug users falling victim to Fentanyl.
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'Opiate Addiction Is Like a Full-Time Job': First Look at New Fentanyl Doc, 'DOPESICK'

In a new VICE documentary, we meet the young people on the frontlines of the fentanyl crisis in Western Canada.