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How Mullets Saved a Town: Party in the Back

VICE follows Mullet die-hards Lynne and Cougar, as they compete in the annual competition dedicated to Australia's favorite hair-cut.
The Noisey Questionnaire of Life: Smino x Boogie, Created with 1800 Tequila

The Noisey Questionnaire of Life: Smino x Boogie, Created with 1800 Tequila

This is 'The Noisey Questionnaire of Life' We linked up with Smino and Boogie at Day N Vegas, courtesy of our friends at 1800 Tequila, and asked them about everything from Moshing to Popeyes to Nextel to Erykah Badu.

The 300 Year Old Exploding Hammer Tradition

In San Juan de la Vega, Mexico, there is an annual festival celebrating San Juanito, a Robin Hood figure. This celebration is accompanied by a unique activity: detonating homemade explosives with hammers.
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We Went to an Epic Summer Party Inspired by Burning Man

In the glow of a fire-breathing dragon truck, hundreds of costumed revellers gathered to let loose at a summer party inspired by Burning Man. We went to take in the experience.
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Eating Through Austin's Hot Luck Festival

This casual event is a hodgepodge of everything locals and visitors alike love about the city—good music, fun people, and the best barbeque known to man.
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The Craziest Hippie Festival in the Jungle

VICE's Amelia Dimoldenberg is invited deep into the jungles of Costa Rica to attend Envision Festival, on a quest to rid herself of her chronic awkwardness and open her third eye through bitcoin conferences, Buddhist drum circles and vaginal eggs.
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The Weird, Wild World of Skunk Owners

VICE travels to Ohio where people from all over the country gather to celebrate the descented animals they keep as pets.

Fyre Festival Fiasco

IG models and Ja Rule finesse people into a Fit Tea Coachella known as the #fyrefestival.
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Dancing vs. The State: How Mayor Giuliani Decimated 90s Clubbing in NYC

Veteran nightlife critic Michael Musto on how New York club culture fought back against mayor Rudy Giuliani.
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J'ouvert: Brooklyn's Dirty Masquerade

J’ouvert is a pre-dawn street masquerade that marks the beginning of Caribbean Carnival but, in recent years, has become a subject of controversy.
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Desus & Mero @ Coachella: FlavrX

Desus & Mero @ Coachella with FlavrX
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Desus & Mero @ Coachella: Dabs

Desus & Mero dab at Coachella