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Street Food Icons

The Japanese Sando King of Portland

Taiki Nakajima brought Japan to the Pacific Northwest with his Japanese sandos – composed sandwiches made with fluffy milk bread with fillings like egg salad and katsu chicken.
Street Food Icons

Dogs Eat Like Royalty At Woofbowl - Street Food Icons

Ron and Solo are the married couple behind Woofbowl, an NYC food truck that serves nutritious, bite-sized meals– for dogs!
Street Food Icons

The Antojitos Queen Of New York City

Felicitas Vargas is the boss behind Antojitos Doña Fela, a Peruvian food truck serving “little cravings” that she runs with her daughters and granddaughter in Queens.
Street Food Icons

The Hot Dog King of Tulsa - Street Food Icons

Josh Lynch is the founder and owner of The Dog House, a food truck in Tulsa, Oklahoma that sells specialty hot dogs.
Street Food Icons

The Satay Queen of San Francisco

Elly Suraya Greenfield is the owner of Satay By The Bay SF, the only Singaporean, Malay & Halal food truck in San Francisco.
Street Food Icons

The Conch King of the Bahamas

Kenneth McKenzie runs McKenzie’s Fresh Fish and Conch Shack, a popular oceanfront seafood shack set on the pristine waters of Nassau, Bahamas.
Street Food Icons

The Panzerotti Prince of Portland

Trifone Walter Ferrante is the maestro behind Bari Food Cart, a small operation he runs in Portland, OR that serves a delicacy from southern Italy: panzerotti.
Street Food Icons

The Chef Serving Top Tier Sushi Out of a Food Truck

Yoshimasa Ikeda learned how to make sushi back in Tokyo from his father. Now he runs Yoshi’s Sushi, a food truck that serves fresh sushi daily in Portland, Oregon.
Street Food Icons

The Biggest Tortas in NYC - Street Food Icons

Galdino Molinero and his wife Lilia run Tortas Neza, a food truck in Corona, Queens that sells massive tortas.
Street Food Icons

The Rotisserie King of San Francisco

Third-generation master butcher Thomas Odermatt is the mastermind behind Roli Roti, a mobile gourmet rotisserie that’s been serving the Bay Area and beyond since 2002.
Street Food Icons

The Barbacoa Queen of Los Angeles

Petra Zavaleta is the chef behind Barbakush, a street food operation that serves traditional lamb barbacoa in Los Angeles, by way of Puebla, Mexico.
Street Food Icons

Filipino Style Burritos & Tacos from the Bay Area

Childhood friends Gil and Evan are the duo being Señor Sisig, a Filipino-inspired taco and burrito food truck that serves the Bay Area.