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How Fish Heads Are Improving New Zealand

In Auckland, NZ, The Kai Ika Project was created to utilize fish heads, frames and offal which were previously going to waste.
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Fighting Hunger with a Pay-What-You-Can Grocery Store

Chef Jagger Gordon opened Canada’s first pay-what-you-can grocery store. We visited the shop to see how the donation-based system is being used to fight food waste and hunger in Toronto.
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This startup is using blockchain to prevent foodborne illnesses and reduce food waste

OwlTing's blockchain technology could change how we deal with food-borne illness, fraud and food waste.
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Food Waste in Canada: Banana Peel Tacos Are Actually Delicious

As part of Daily VICE's series on food waste, we see how a food crisis in Venezuela inspired a Toronto restaurant to look at their waste and turn banana peels into dinner.
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Food Waste in Canada: Making Craft Beer From Stale Bread

As part of Daily VICE's series on food waste, Mack Lamoureux discovered how Rainhard Brewery is minimizing food waste by creating a new beer made from reclaimed bread.
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Food Waste in Canada: Dumpster Diving to Cater a Food Festival

As part of Daily VICE's week-long series on food waste, Kourosh Houshmand dumpster dives at a distribution centre to learn more about how and why produce is thrown out at every level of the system.
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Peeling Back the Layers on Canada's Food Waste Problem

This week we look at Canada's growing food waste problem. We'll go dumpster diving, beer brewing and into a kitchen that's trying to make reclaimed food the norm.