Heavy Metal



Old School Tattoos with Mike Perfetto

Mike Perfetto is Brooklyn's longest working tattooer.
Noisey Shreds

Hanging in Tampa & Feeding Kittens with Obituary

Noisey's Kim Kelly traveled to Tampa to catch Death Metal legends Obituary at an intimate hometown show. She spent some time getting to know the Tardy brothers… and a bunch of feral cats.
Noisey Shreds

Dead Things, the Death Penalty, and Flirting with Black Metal with Kvelertak

We met up with Norwegian heavy metal phenomenon Kvelertak at their show in LA, and spent some time exploring one of Hollywood's darkest corners - the Museum of Death.
Noisey Shreds

Toxic Holocaust: The One Man Black Thrash Band

Episode of Noisey Shreds with Black Thrash veterans Toxic Holocaust
Noisey Shreds

Talking Politics with SLAYER at Comic Con

For our first episode we’re heading to San Diego, California to hang out with the almighty gods of Thrash themselves, Slayer. We’re gonna catch up with them at Comic Con, where they’re debuting a new comic book through Dark Horse comics.
Daily VICE

We Finally Answer the Age Old Question: What do Korn and Rob Zombie Fans Think About Barbra Streisand?

Daily VICE met up with people before each show to find out what fans really thought of the other and to try and find some common ground.

Clearly On Another Dimension

TJ Miller, Kreayshawn, Erin McGathy, David Pajo and Marissa Paternoster have their wildest party stories animated.
VICE Specials

Heavy Metal In Baghdad

Heavy Metal in Baghdad is a feature film documentary that follows the Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda from the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 to the present day.