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This Palestinian and Syrian duo race to make a fake news game in 54 hours

VICE News meets two video game developers from Palestine and Syria, who teamed up to make a video game about fake news.
Self Portraits

Self Portrait: Cloud Nothings

In this episode of Self-Portraits, watch Dylan Baldi, frontman of Cloud Nothings, spend some time pondering life, probably, while sketching his own face.
Noisey Specials

Your War (I'm One Of You): 20 Years Of Joan Of Arc

Your War (I'm One Of You) chronicles the life and career of Chicago's Tim Kinsella, frontman of ever-shifting band Joan of Arc and '90's pioneers Cap'n Jazz.
Daily VICE

POV: Is Indie Rock Relevant in 2017?

Are The Shins, The Killers, and The National still relevant in 2017? Noisey's Sarah MacDonald digs deeper into the possible impending death of indie rock.
Pixel By Pixel

‘Hyper Light Drifter’ - Inside the Video Game Inspired by a Life-Threatening Illness

His literal heartbreak inspired one of 2016’s greatest indie games.
VICE Talks Film

Sam De Jong on 'Prince'

VICE sits down with Dutch writer and director Sam de Jong to talk about his first feature film.
VICE Talks Film

Yana Novikova on 'The Tribe'

VICE sits down with deaf actress Yana Novikova and uses sign language to interview her about her award winning performance in 'The Tribe'.
VICE Guide to Travel

Takanakuy: Fistfighting in the Andes

Once a year around Christmas in the Peruvian Andes, the whole town gets together to dance, drink and beat the hell out of each other.