Climate Summit

Future of Food on Our Plates

A warming climate disrupts ecosystems, what does this mean for our food?
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The Indigenous Artist Using Performance to Preserve Tradition

Raul Baltazar uses sculpture, video, and performance art to bridge cultures.

Serving 300 Ingredients in a Single Tasting Menu at One of the World's Best Restaurants

Chef Virgilio Martínez is dedicated to sourcing, archiving, and serving native Peruvian ingredients at Central in Lima, which has been voted one of the world’s 50 best restaurants.
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Healing Together

Created in partnership with Nu Media, this short documentary follows Indigenous youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba holding an emotional sharing circle in an effort to heal together.
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What If Nature Took Back the City?

'Biidaaban: First Light' is a new VR film that imagines a future version of Toronto overgrown with plants and wildlife where the subway lines are used for canoeing. We talked to filmmaker Lisa Jackson about her work of Indigenous futurism.
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Police Data Reveals Stark Racial Disparities in Weed Arrests in Canada

With cannabis legalization coming into effect in just a few months, it doesn’t seem like the Liberals intend on pardoning the records of those who have been convicted of simple weed possession
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After Fontaine: Winnipeg’s Bear Clan Patrol

The day after Raymond Cormier, who was accused of killing 15-year-old Tina Fontaine, was acquitted, hundreds of people gathered outside the Winnipeg courthouse to protest the verdict. VICE News went to the March and joined the Bear Clan, a group patrols t
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This Artist Uses Music to Reclaim His Indigenous Roots

This Artist Uses Music to Reclaim His Indigenous Roots
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Mapping Toronto's Hidden Indigenous History

Mapping Toronto's Hidden Indigenous History
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Meet Iohseres, the Band Mixing Their Mohawk Origins with Metal Music

Iohseres are a metal band from Kahnawake, Quebec who mix their Mohawk tradition with their music. We went to their practice space to talk about the challenges and rewards of using the Mohawk language in one of their songs.
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This Designer Makes Furry Costumes for Furries Around the World

Anouche Sioui makes fursuits for people around the world. We went to her Quebec workshop to find out how her Indigenous roots helped her become an expert costume maker and what she's learned about the people who buy her costumes.
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Meet the Chief Reviving This Remote Alaskan Village

Viceland’s Sarain Fox travelled to Rampart, Alaska to meet a young Chief who has revitalized the community.