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This Is Where Your Phone Goes to Die and Be Reborn

This Is Where Your Phone Goes to Die and Be Reborn
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Smartphone Sufferers: Do You Experience Nomophobia or Tech Neglect?

A recent study found that 1 in 5 young Canadians display problem smartphone use. We meet a social worker who helps people that fear being without a mobile phone.
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The Companies That Track Your Social Media For Police

Motherboard's Jordan Pearson tell us more about the pushback from social media companies against surveillance apps.
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Ontario Wants Nestlé to Pay More for Groundwater But Is That Enough?

Nestlé and other companies that bottle water have been paying basically nothing to pump millions of litres of Ontario's groundwater. Now the province is proposing a significant price hike but environmental groups aren't satisfied.
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What We Learned Investigating the Police Shooting of an Alleged Hacker

Sam Maloney, a gifted but troubled software engineer was shot and killed by Police in London, Ontario just before Christmas.
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We Wiped Out on the Ice in the Name of Science

Motherboard's Jordan Pearson went to Toronto Rehab Institute's WinterLab to learn about what makes the perfect boot
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Two Masters In The Art Of Film Projection Share Their Stories From The Booth

The job of the film projectionist is still alive and well in an era of 'Netflix and Chill
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The International AI Beauty Contest that Chose Nearly All White Winners

Around 60,000 contestants from all around the world participated in a beauty pageant judged by artificial intelligence. But when the results were released, almost all the winners were white.
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The Missed Opportunity to Tell the Stories of WW1's Black Soldiers in 'Battlefield 1'

Despite showing a black soldier on the cover, the first-person shooter doesn't include any campaigns with black characters
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Researchers Are Using Video Games to Teach AI About the Real World

Motherboard's Jordan Pearson looks at how video games are accelarating the world of AI deep learning.
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Are Cricket Hot Dogs the Future of Food?

Motherboard's Jordan Pearson went to sample some crunchy bug dishes to see if we'll be able to stomach it.