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#Notlovinit: Why People Are Pissed About The New Skor McMflurry

Earlier this week McDonald's announced the 'Skor McFlurry,' with bits of chopped almonds in it. Motherboard's Kate Lunau tells us about the online rage against the company.
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How Our Habit of Humanizing Robots Could Work Against Us

Kate Lunau tells us how the next generation of robots could change the human-machine relationship.
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The Mystery That Unites the World's Icicles

Motherboard's Kate Lunau spoke to the University of Toronto scientists who have discovered a mystery that unites icicles around the globe.
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Death From Above: Why Researchers Went to Great Lengths to Terrify Sunfish

Sunfish don't like ospreys. In fact, they're terrified of them. Researchers from the University of Miami wanted to know more so they set up an elaborate experiment. Motherboard's Kate Lunau has more on their findings.
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If Humanity Keeps It Up, We Will See Huge Dorps in Wildlife Populations by 2020: Report

Motherboard's Kate Lunau breaks down why wildlife populations are in trouble and what we can do to help.
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Why Scientists Are Building Rogue Waves in Labs

We talked to one scientist in Finland who is recreating waves in his lab
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Elon Musk Wants to Send You to Mars in the the Biggest Rocket in the World

Motherboard's Kate Lunau tells us how Elon Musk plans to get humans to Mars, and the financial challenges behind the project.
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'Cockroaches of the Sea:' The Invasive Green Crab Discovery That's Worrying Scientists

One European green crab that's made its way to Washington State is freaking researchers out. The aggressive species is known to kill lobsters, oysters and ruin habitats.
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Climate Change Is Bad News for Penguins in Antarctica

A new study finds that more than half of the Adélie penguin colonies found in the Antarctic could be in decline by the year 2100 due to climate change.
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1 in 5 People Risk Malnutrition Because Fish Are Dying Off

Fish stock are under pressure and dying off from climate change, overfishing, and particularly coral bleaching.
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Curling Beef: Scientists in Canada Use Robots To Study the 'Frankenbroom'

Kemptville, Ontario hosted the World Sweeping Summit, a conference to understand how controversial new ‘Frankenbrooms’ can affect the trajectory of curling stones in radically unprecedented ways. Motherboard Editor Kate Lunau tells us how they do it.