COVID-19 Diaries / web

Giving Birth in the Middle of a Pandemic

We follow 10 women through the ups and downs of being pregnant during COVID-19.
Parental Guidance

Digital Age

Do today’s parents see technology as part of their family, or as the omnipresent black mirror that their children will love more than them? We find out in the latest episode of Parental Guidance.
Parental Guidance

Time Out

In the third episode of Parental Guidance, we look at the different ways that new parents are staying connected to their careers.
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Strippers are turning to bartending for a more lucrative career

It's bartenders versus dancers
VICE News Tonight on HBO

What it's like to take care of multiple family members at age 15

As the only able-bodied person in his home, Jonathan has to take care of his mother, brother and grandmother
Parental Guidance

How to Provide

In the second episode of Parental Guidance, we meet three different couples who are all taking different approaches raising their children.
VICE Talks Film

Jennifer Lawrence and Her New Film ‘mother!’

VICE's Hannah Ewens catches up with Jennifer Lawrence, star of Darren Aronofsky's controversial new film, Mother!. Lawrence tells us how she kept emotionally well during the most brutal role of her career.

Bibi Bourelly Wants Everyone to Be Free

In this episode of 'Autobiographies,' singer-songwriter Bibi Bourelly opens up about her childhood, making music with her father, and how she channeled the loss of her mother into inspiration for her musical career.
International Mom Advice

Indian Cold Remedy

Meet Mythili Jayaram, mother of three, grandmother of two and cold remedy master.
International Mom Advice

Chinese Wellness Remedy

Meet Gui Ying Lee, mother of two and wellness remedy master.
Daily VICE

Bear Clan Patrol: Kenora’s Response to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Police ruled out foul play in the death of Delaine Copenace in Kenora an accident but her mother Anita Ross believes she was murdered. Anita feels the investigation wasn’t taken seriously because Delaine was indigenous.