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The British Masters

The British Masters: Stuart Braithwaite

After Bryan Ferry, Johnny Marr and John Cale, Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai joins host John Doran to be inducted as a British Master.
The British Masters


After the likes of David Rodigan, Noel Gallagher and Tricky, it’s time for electronic music pioneer Goldie to get the Noisey British Masters treatment.
The British Masters

Shirley Collins

After David Rodigan last week and previous episodes with everyone from Mark E Smith and Tricky to Jimmy Page and Viv Albertine, Noisey is now very proud to induct Shirley Collins as a British Master.
The British Masters

David Rodigan

David Rodigan discusses how he fell in love with Jamaican music, smoking weed, and the time a member of the crowd liked his DJ set so much they let off a gunshot.
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Get Out Of Your Own Way: Anarchy & Peace with Penny Rimbaud of Crass

The 73-year-old artist, poet, and activist Penny Rimbaud founded the most influential anarcho-punk group of the 20th century in Crass, along with Steve Ignorant.
Noisey Meets

On the Road with Moxie Raia

A portrait of a rising star on the cusp of pop stardom, Noisey catches up with Moxie Raia on her first national tour opening for Justin Bieber.
Noisey Meets

Zane Lowe on Only Playing the Good Shit

Zane Lowe told us his story and what it’s like to continually be recognized as “the old guy who interviewed Kanye.”
Noisey Meets

Spiritualized on Fans Getting Spiritual

Jason Pierce writes his music for the solitary experience, not the audience.
Noisey Meets

Benga on Being a Superfan

Who would have thought that David Hasselhoff would be one of Benga's biggest idols?