What It's Like to Run a Marathon in North Korea

Olympian Aimee Fuller traveled to North Korea to run in the 2019 Pyongyang Marathon. Having participated in the country's only event open to foreigners, she sat down with VICE Sports to share her once-in-a-lifetime experience of the hermit kingdom.
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The Worst Tattoos of Dew Tour 2019

Taji checks out bad tattoos at the Dew Tour.
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Preparing Professional Skaters for the 2020 Olympics

Taji checks out the Dew Tour.
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How I'll Best My Olympic Bronze Medal in Pyeongchang

How I'll Best My Olympic Bronze Medal in Pyeongchang
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America's Ping Pong Prodigy

Meet Kanak Jha, the top-ranked US Men's Ping Pong Player and the youngest American Olympian participate in the Rio Games.
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Meet the Lebron James of Weightlifting

Considered by many to be the future of USA Weightlifting, CJ Cummings is working to end the U.S.’s 32-year medal drought in men’s weightlifting.
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How to Train for the Winter Games When There Is No Snow

In Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts, Quebec a giant airbag is helping Canadian snowboarders and skiers stay on top of their game in the summer. We meet some of the athletes who hope this will give them an advantage over the competition in the next Olympics.
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The Star of a Nike Commercial Tells Us About His Struggle to Lose Weight in the Spotlight

Nathan Sorrell was the face of a 2012 Nike Olympic ad that went viral and prompted intense media scrutiny about his weight. We went to Ohio to see how he is coping today.
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Hockey and the Winter Olympics

VICE Sports explains how after 20 years of participation, the NHL will longer be sending players to play in the Winter Olympics.
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Carmelo Anthony Explores Rio and its Favelas

Carmelo Anthony won some hardware when he visited Rio for the Olympics, but he still wanted more out of the trip.

Ronda Rousey: From Olympic Bronze to UFC Gold

Before Ronda Rousey defends her UFC title this weekend she sat down in our L.A. offices to talk about fame, fighting, and the "bubble-wrapped" "pageant" that is the Olympics.
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Allyson Felix and Lewis Hamilton Talk Speed

Allyson Felix and Lewis Hamilton are considered speed demons in their respective sports; Allyson in Track & Field, and Lewis in Formula 1.