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Kevin Gates Responds to Your Comments on ‘Push It’ Music Video

Kevin Gates reads your comments on the music video for his single 'Push It'.
Noisey Specials

How to Survive Playing 250 Shows a Year with PUP

PUP is known for being constantly on the road. This summer they will be playing to some of their biggest crowds ever. We joined them on the road as they began touring their third album, 'Morbid Stuff.'
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PnB Rock Responds to your Comments on ‘I Like Girls’

PnB Rock Responds to your Comments on his music video for ‘I Like Girls’.
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Juicy J Responds to Your Comments on ‘Let Me See’: The People vs. Juicy J

Juicy Jobbs aka Juicy J reads your comments on the music video for his single 'Let Me See' ft. Lil Skies and Kevin Gates.
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Flipp Dinero Responds to Your Comments on ‘Leave Me Alone’: The People vs. Flipp Dinero

Flipp Dinero reads your comments on the music video for his breakthrough single 'Leave Me Alone'.
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Charli XCX Responds to Your Comments on '1999': The People vs. Charli XCX

In this episode of People Vs. Charli XCX responds to comments from her music video for "1999".
People Vs.

Pussy Riot on Feminism, Trump and Russian Propaganda

What does Pussy Riot's Nadya think about Trump, feminism, Russian propaganda and what makes people masturbate to their music videos?
Waypoint Specials

Competing in America's Biggest Fighting Game Tournament: Evo 2017

Waypoint travels to EVO 2017, the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament in the world, to join Echo Fox’s SonicFox and Panda Global’s Punk on their journey to the finals.
Daily VICE

The Buddhist Punk Teaching Mindfulness for Drug Rehab

Noah Levine founded the Refuge Recovery organization in the Los Angeles area to help other drug addicts one breath at a time. We met him to talk about the connection between punk and mindfulness.
Daily VICE

Punk Rock Group NOBRO Wants More Girls to Learn How To Rock

Montreal all-female punk band NOBRO plays Rock Camp For Girls*, an initiative to inspire young girls and gender non-conforming youth to become Canada's next generation of rockers.
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Trey Songz

In this episode of The People Vs, Trey Songz aka Mr Steal your girl responds to Youtube comments from his single 'Nobody Else But You'.
People Vs.

Big Baby D.R.A.M

D.R.A.M is the next person to take on The People Vs. In this edition we discover whether "twerking big asses" and singing about broccoli are enough to get kids to eat their vegetables.