What It's Like to Run a Marathon in North Korea

Olympian Aimee Fuller traveled to North Korea to run in the 2019 Pyongyang Marathon. Having participated in the country's only event open to foreigners, she sat down with VICE Sports to share her once-in-a-lifetime experience of the hermit kingdom.
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The Kiwi Twins in Kenya's Running Capital

The tiny village of Iten, Kenya is home to the fastest runners in the world, more record-holders than anywhere else…and a pair of testy twins from New Zealand.
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Sweden's Refugee Runners

In REFUGE, we see how the European nation has welcomed refugees in the past and is grappling with how to welcome them in the future through the eyes of Suldan Hassan, a prodigious running talent from Somalia.

Runner Pops Out During Race

Watch this runner flop his way to the finish line. Open for a surprise.
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The Benefits of Working Out at Work

Dhani Oks explains the benefits of working out in the workplace and with your coworkers.
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Marathon Cheating

VICE Sports explains how marathon runners cheat and how they usually end up getting caught.
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Running is the Worst Way to Get Fit

Studies show that running is an inefficient way to burn fat and build muscle. And yet, it’s the most popular exercise on earth after walking.

The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner

Through years of training as an ultra runner, Timothy Olson has taught his body to become "fat-adapted," using fat from animals and plants to fuel him through feats that seems superhuman.
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Running and Humping: Dogs of the Iditarod

At VICE Sports we've already gone a long way to tell you that dogs are sports, but these dogs are some of the greatest athletes in the world.