High Society

Is Scotland the New Cocaine Capital?

In 2018, Scotland was named the most cocaine-consuming nation on the planet, leading to a deadly trend of cocaine injection and a wave of crime in Glasgow.
Shelter Fight For Home / web

NOT MY SHAME: Britain's Housing Emergency

NOT MY SHAME is a documentary exploring the truthful reality of housing inequality and young people using the power of creativity and activism to take their power back.
What The Hell Is That Sport?

Indoor Scottish Highland Games

What the hell are the Scottish Highland Games?
10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask: Street Evangelist

From ”How was your life before Jesus?” to “What music does Jesus listen to?”, VICE asks 10 questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Street Evangelist.
Global Street Style

inside glasgow's illegal after-hours party scene

In the second of our Global Street Style documentaries, i-D crosses the border into Scotland to meet the young people carving out Glasgow's underground scene.
VICE News Specials

Donald Trump Applauds Brits for Taking Their Country Back

Donald Trump applauds Brits for taking their country back.

Meet Scotland's DIY Rocketeers

Every year for a week a Scottish moor becomes an ad hoc launch site for amateur rocketeers to blast their DIY shuttles and spaceships into the skies.
MUNCHIES Guide to... / web

Scotland: Glasgow Grease

Munchies Guide to Scotland: Glasgow Grease
MUNCHIES Guide to... / web

Scotland: The Islands

After getting a little tipsy from a few hair-of-the-dog drams at the Hebridean Bruichladdich whisky distillery, Charlet cuts up the Scottish coastline to hang out with John Lamont, the king of lobsters.