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Rehabilitation for Former Al-Shabaab Soldiers

Fartuun Adan returned to Mogadishu to continue the mission started by her husband, peace activist Elman Ali Ahmed, prior to his assassination. She now heads up intervention initiatives with the goal of rehabilitating former child soldiers.
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The Battle for Somalia

Suroosh Alvi traces the evolution of Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group that has dominated Somalia for more than a decade.
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How Trump has ramped up the war on terror

In President Trump’s first year as commander-in-chief, U.S. military activity intensified in nearly every theater of war he inherited, a VICE News review of publicly available information on military operations shows.
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Why Pasta with Banana Is a Somali Tradition

We visited Hamdi Restaurant in Toronto's Rexdale neighbourhood to find out how Somalia's history has influenced its cuisine and why bananas go with almost every dish, including pasta.
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Sweden's Refugee Runners

In REFUGE, we see how the European nation has welcomed refugees in the past and is grappling with how to welcome them in the future through the eyes of Suldan Hassan, a prodigious running talent from Somalia.
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Over 300 killed in deadliest terror attack in Somalia's history

More than 300 people were killed in Mogadishu on Saturday in the deadliest terrorist attack ever in the country.
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Famine looms over Somalia, and the country’s children are especially vulnerable

VICE News reports on the massive humanitarian crisis in Somalia, where millions face starvation and famine.
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Kenya may close the world’s largest refugee camp over fear of terrorist activity

VICE News travels to Kenya to report on the world's largest refugee camp, and the uncertainty facing those living there.
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Inside VICELAND's 'Terror' With VICE Founder Suroosh Alvi

We met with Suroosh ahead of tonight's episode on Somalia and Al Shabaab
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The Life of a Refugee Chef Living in Oakland

Halimo landed in Oakland not knowing a single soul, but through the help of her children has adapted to life in the United States quite nicely.
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The Cut That Heals

VICE News meets a woman who is fighting back against the practice of female genital mutilation by reversing it.