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The Legacy of Sharkwater's Rob Stewart

Following the tragic death of filmmaker and shark conservationist Rob Stewart, his final documentary, Sharkwater Extinction dives back into the dire situation facing sharks. We spoke to two of his friends about the film and the legacy of Rob Stewart.
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The Director Imagining Freedom for Black Boys

A.V. Rockwell is a young director to keep your eye on. Her short film 'Feathers' tells the story of an unconventional school for black boys. We talked to her about the true life events behind the film and creating work as a form of protest.
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Shooting a Netflix Movie on 35mm Film

'Kodachrome' tells the story of a son who goes on a road trip with his estranged photographer father to the last place in the world that develops Kodachrome film. We met with director Mark Raso to talk about shooting on film and the father/son relationshi
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The Immigrant Story that Inspired a Sci-fi Kung Fu FIlm

The Immigrant Story that Inspired a Sci-fi Kung Fu Film
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This Film Sees a Black Cop Seek Justice Against White Oppression

In 'Black Cop', it's white people who are getting racially profiled
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Is 'Moonlight' the Tipping Point for Diversity in Hollywood Films?

We caught up with TIFF's Artistic Director Cameron Bailey to find out his thoughts on the success of the film 'Moonlight'
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We Met The Artist Who Made A Video Game About Her Bipolar Disorder

Kyrell Grant met Thirza Cuthand who’s used her personal experience of mental illness to make one of the most unusual video games exhibited at the festival ‘Bipolar Journey'.
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Blair Witch TIFF Interview

The cast was in Toronto earlier this week for the film's premiere at TIFF and we invited them into a familiar habitat to talk about their scary experiences on set.
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We Meet the Young Pakistani Squash Player Who Defied Threats From the Taliban

Maria Toorpakai has overcome many obstacles to pursue her dream of becoming a world champion squash player. Maria's story is the focus of 'Girl Unbound,' a new documentary that played at TIFF this week.
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The Magnificent Seven Composer Simon Franglen Shares His Love of Grime

We interviewed Simon Franglen about the history of memorable western scores and his love of grime.
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It's Insanity:' What It's Like Trying to Make Movies in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is in the spotlight at this year's TIFF with eight films being screened including Green White Green. The movie is a satirical look at Nigeria's history and is the first feature length film by director Abba Makama.
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We Went to Canada's Wonderland with 'Operation Avalanche' Director Matt Johnson

Jay McCarrol, from the new VICELAND show 'Nirvanna the Band the Show,' premiering at TIFF this weekend, met Matt Johnson at Canada's Wonderland to ride the Skyhawk and talk about his new Sundance film 'Operation Avalanche.'