Motherboard Shorties

Swimming with a Prosthetic Leg: The Fin

We meet Kevin Vaughan, a 28 year old vet and amputee at home and as he tries his new amphibious water prosthetic, "the fin." We also visit the fin's creator, Todd Goldstein, in his 3D printing lab.
Yes Man

I Resurfaced My Skin to Make it Look Smoother

Our resident Yes Man Grant Stoddard gets a Fraxel procedure in his pursuit of a youthful complexion.
Yes Man

Grant Stoddard's Four-Week Body Transformation

Grant Stoddard hits the gym with trainer Ngo Okafor, hoping to get ripped in four weeks flat.
Yes Man

I Tried to Destroy My Love Handles with a Laser

Sculpsure is a noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment designed to get rid of pesky fat cells around the abdomen and flanks. Our resident Yes Man Grant Stoddard decided to give it a try to see if he could destroy his love handles.
Tonic Talks / web

TONIC TALKS: HPV and Cancer Prevention in Canada

A live-to-Facebook speaker series covering issues of health and wellness.
Tonic Shorties

What Octopuses Can Tell Us About the Future

Octopuses are a lot smarter than we think.
Yes Man

I Tried Microblading to Get Hollywood Eyebrows

Microblading is the trendy AF, semi-permanent solution to getting bushier, bossier brows.
Tonic Shorties

Why High Sex May Not Be That Great

Many people think sex pairs particularly well with weed. But it's not for everyone.
Tonic Explains

Getting High On Your Own (Air) Supply

Tonic's Dhani Oks explains how breathing can get you stoned.
Tonic Shorties

Will Cheap Space Travel Make Us Healthier?

Dhani Oks discusses the benefits space travel has on our mental health.
Tonic Explains

We Need to Get Comfortable Talking About Suicide

Suicide is hard to talk about, but we need to. In this episode of Tonic Explains, psychiatry resident, Anita Rao, explains why talking about the details is crucial.
Tonic Explains

What Exactly Is Psychosis Anyway?

Psychosis doesn't always look like what you see in horror films. So, what exactly is it? Psychiatry resident, Anita Rao, breaks it down in this Tonic Explains.