toy machine


King of the Road / Clip

Toy Machine Skates Grandpa’s Pool

Legendary pro skateboarder Jason Jessee takes Toy Machine to "Grandpa's Pool" to nail some tricks.
King of the Road / S1 EP5

Midway Point

The teams meet in San Francisco to pick up their Mystery Guests and compete in a deadly downhill race.
King of the Road / S1 EP4

Possible Broken Cheekbone

Toy Machine turns hippie. Jaws competes in a pole dance contest. Elijah grinds the flaming rail of doom, and Raven has a near-death experience.
King of the Road / S1 EP3

Sabotage is Part of the Game

Rain in Seattle can't keep the teams from their points, tattoos, or piercings. Everyone heads for their second cities, but not before Birdhouse attempts sabotage.
King of the Road / S1 EP12

Highway to Hell: 10 Years on the Road

Catch up with previous King of the Road survivors as they recount their victories and embarrassments.
King of the Road / S1 EP2

Shirtless in Seattle

The teams get their first city challenges leading to a handrail showdown.
King of the Road / S1 EP1

Let the Madness Begin

The teams arrive in Seattle for some bizarre head-to-head action at Marginal Way park. The scavenger hunt books are handed out and they start on the oddball challenges.
King of the Road / Clip

Profile: Collin Provost, Toy Machine

Strengths: bank to bars, bowls, bumps. Weaknesses: carcass tossing.
King of the Road / Clip

Profile: Daniel Lutheran, Toy Machine

Strengths: giant handrails, PMA. Weaknesses: Juggalettes.
King of the Road / Clip

Profile: Blake Carpenter, Toy Machine

Strengths: switch, rails, that tech shit. Weaknesses: questions authority.