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24 Hours as a Navy Ship Cook - A Frank Experience

Welcome to A Frank Experience, where Frank Pinello of 'The Pizza Show' explores large-scale dining experiences and delves into what exactly it takes to feed a ton of people.
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Meet The Man Pushing The Trump Administration to Pardon Combat Veterans

Derrick Miller, a former National Guardsman who killed an unarmed Afghan in 2010, is getting out on parole, after nine years in detention.
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Sexual assault survivors are pushing the military to have its #metoo moment

Sexual assault is a huge problem in the military and survivors say Congress isn’t doing enough
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How Trump has ramped up the war on terror

In President Trump’s first year as commander-in-chief, U.S. military activity intensified in nearly every theater of war he inherited, a VICE News review of publicly available information on military operations shows.
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The U.S.’ shadow war across Africa

What we know about the U.S.’ shadow war across Africa

Trump’s Military Trans Ban

Trump spends entire presidency crying about loyalty but bans trans people from serving in U.S. military.
War Games

Black Dart: How to Kill a Drone

VICE News was one of the first media outlets ever granted access to the US military's annual Black Dart exercise, a joint exercise that focuses on defeating UAVs.
War Games

Amphibious Warfare

VICE News went to RIMPAC to check out the largest naval exercise in the world.