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Trump’s plan to save American jobs by slapping tariffs on China doesn’t seem to be working.

VICE news visits Kontech, a TV maker in Shenzhen that sends about half of its products to the U.S., as they work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week trying to deliver as many orders as possible
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Why a famous YouTuber is ditching America for the Chinese Internet

Bart Baker used to do Taylor Swift parodies. Now, he’s exploded on Chinese social media, singing patriotic songs with the help of Google Translate.
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8chan: Hate and the Internet I VICE News Tonight Special Report

Frederick Brennan Created 8chan Because “Real Life Stopped Mattering.” Then It Became The Worst Place On the Internet.
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How Iran And The U.S. Are Complicating The Fight Against ISIS In Iraq

As tensions between the U.S. and Iran escalate, Iraqis find themselves caught in the middle.
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Inside the Weird World of Art Forgery

As prices for art by black artists rise, the market is prime for art forgers. VNT finds out what the underground market looks like, and what makes a good forger.
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Flint Wants Justice for the Water Crisis

Flint water prosecutors have dropped all criminal charges against officials with plans to keep investigating the case.
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The Secret To The Gruesome Sounds In Mortal Kombat Is Exploding Vegetables

We smashed bell peppers with Mortal Kombat’s sound designers to simulate gore
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Inside the Resistance Fighting India's Occupation of Kashmir

How One Neighborhood in Kashmir Is Resisting India’s Army
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Meet the 2-Person Clinic Helping Undocumented Children in New Orleans

Immigrants' kids are in serious need of healthcare. One clinic in New Orleans is trying to help.
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Police Draw Guns For The First Time At Hong Kong Protests

As the protests continue to escalate with no signs of slowing, law enforcement is promising to “stamp out” the violence.
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Native American Activists Say This Is The Year Democrats Have To Listen To Them

In 2020, does the road to the White House lead through Indian country?
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The Men Who Call Themselves Non-Offending Pedophiles

Non-offending pedophile is a term used to describe an adult who is attracted to children but says they have never offended one.