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The majority of migrants entering Italy aren’t refugees

The refugee crisis is escalating in Italy, where the majority of migrants are now coming from West Africa.
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Justifying the Crime: New Jersey’s Carjacking Crews

Mike meets with a young carjacking crew, who show him a car they just stole and talk about how they justify their crimes.
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Whatever It Takes: New Jersey’s Carjacking Crews

Mike meets with a carjacking crew, who admit they have no problem shooting you for your car.
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The Man Who Saved Michael K. Williams

Mike meets with the man he credits with turning his life around, Reverend Ronald B. Christian. Reverend Christian passed away in Dec. 2015.
Politics of Food

The Underground World of Illegal Smokies

Ben Ferguson investigates the UK’s growing illegal trade in "smokies," West African delicacies that have been outlawed in Europe since 1987.

Evolution of a Plague & Campus Coverup

Danny Gold goes to West Africa to see how people there have stepped up to gain control of the Ebola outbreak & Gianna Toboni visits American campuses to see what's really going on, and why so few students feel that their safety is schools' real priority.
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Kayla Ruble Discusses the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

Kayla Ruble joined On the Line to discuss the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the global response to the spread of the virus.

Lines in the Sand & Outsourcing Embryos

VICE explores the trafficking hotspots of South America and Africa. Then, we look at the boom in one of the world's newest billion-dollar industries: gestational surrogacy.
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The Fight Against Ebola

VICE News traveled to Monrovia to spend time with those on the front lines of the ebola outbreak.
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The Fight Against Ebola (Part 1)

VICE News went to Liberia, the center of the Ebola epidemic, to spend time on the front lines of the fight against the disease.