Azadi Records Are A New Wave In Indian Hip-Hop

Azadi Records are a new wave in Indian hip-hop. For this episode of VICE Raps we meet the record label during their 2-year anniversary tour to know how it all started, the diversity of their roster, and what this means for the hip-hop scene at large.
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Why Indian Truck Drivers Get Their Trucks Painted

VICE catches up with some Indian truck drivers to understand why they are getting their trucks painted in vivid imagery and text, and how it helps them find a little piece of ‘home’, when on the road.
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Meet Manipur's YouTube Sensation: Gems Chongtham

Gems Chongtham is a young singer, actor and popstar from Imphal, Manipur in India, who chanced upon this career after multiple attempts at being a doctor, painter and even an archer. Now, locals can’t have enough of him!
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VICE Votes: Young Indian Voters Speak Up On General Elections 2019

As India votes to get its next government, we get young Indians to talk about politics, culture, identity, and what they think is the need of the hour for the country.
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VICE Votes: Young Indonesian Voters Speak Up On The 2019 Election

In VICE Votes, we ask young Indonesian voters what they care about and what kind of person they want to see lead the country.

Forced To Marry: Teenage Girls in Bordertown Malda

To find out why child marriage is still a reality in India, we travelled to Malda, a border town in West Bengal.
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Transqueen India

We go behind the scenes of the second edition of India's first national pageant for transwomen, in Mumbai to explore the notions of beauty and identity.
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Chennai's Water Woes

We spoke to some really angry Chennai peeps about the city's water crisis.
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Miss and Mister Africa Bangalore

VICE India host Joshua Muyiwa talks to students of the African community in Bengaluru about beauty, fashion, culture, identity, and racism, in the backdrop of the Miss and Mister Africa Bangalore pageant.
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स se Smuggling | क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

The long international border between India and Nepal gives smugglers many opportunities to traffick contraband in and out of the country - including arms, drugs, and human beings. We look at the mafia connection in this episode - 'S se Smuggling'.
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ग se Gang | Ep 2 of क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

Intimidation, violence, and corruption are a few of the means criminal gangs use to seize lucrative government contracts. The logistics of running a crime ring explained in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'G se Gang'. #कseCrime
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फ se Faraari | क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

"For shooters, killing a target is easy - it's getting away with it that's hard. We look at the business of contract killing in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'F se Faraari'. #कseCrime