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Arrested 16 Times, Tibetan Activist Tsundue Continues to Protest Against China

Arrested 16 Times, Tibetan Activist Tsundue Continues to Protest Against China

Filmed by the People: The First Person Look at the Capitol Riot | Source Material

From warzones to wildfires, Source Material tells the stories of people who lived the headlines with their cameras running.
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What It's Like Being Declared a Witch in Modern India

Almost 200 people, mostly women, have been murdered in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, accused of witchcraft and sorcery. We meet the women branded as "witches"

Sharing the Syrian War on YouTube for 7 Years | Source Material

Abdullah “AJ” Jabbar has been vlogging his life in Syria for the past seven years, beginning when he was 13. His videos offer a unique look at complex country and conflict.
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A Japanese Man is Buying Faces to Make Creepy Masks And More | What In The World

A guy in Japan is getting paid to do nothing and another is getting people to sell him their face. This and much more on our latest episode of "What in the World"
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How COVID Gave the Big Fat Indian Wedding a Makeover

After the long postponements couples in India are downsizing their weddings, or choosing online ceremonies, shaking up the estimated 50 billion dollar industry out of its COVID limbo.
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China's LGBTQAI+ Couples Completing Their Families Using Surrogacy

Surrogacy and LGBTQAI+ rights, both lie in the legally grey area in China. But there are queer couples who are willing to take the risk to build their family.
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Japan's Worst Nuclear Disaster Still Haunts Fukushima

VICE World News reporter Hanako Montgomery visits Fukushima and speaks with local residents to see what has changed since the tsunami in 2011.
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A Pro Democracy Activist Explains What Went Wrong in Myanmar

Thinzar Shunlei Yi, a young pro democracy activist from Myanmar tells us why democracy in the country had always been fragile.
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Inside Japan's Global Dolphin Trade

In Taiji, Japan, the dolphin hunting industry has shifted from killing dolphins for their meat to a more lucrative, but equally controversial industry— "dolphin shows."
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Why Farmers in India are Protesting

VICE World News was on the ground with Indian Farmers to understand why they have been out on the streets protesting for over 2 months now.
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Separated Indonesian twins reunited on Tik Tok

“When I saw her online, I was so shocked that I started crying. I couldn't even say a word. Never in my life did I think I would have a twin.”