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Babies For Sale

In the black market of the Philippines, women living below the poverty line who cannot afford to raise a child are making the difficult decision to sell their babies.
Trouble in Paradise

Philippines Environmentalists face Death threats from Land Grabbers | Trouble in Paradise

VWN visits the Philippines 'Masungi Georeserve' to find out how the trustees and park rangers protect it from land grabbers, despite great risk to their personal safety.
Politics of Sex

Γιατί οι Φιλιππίνες Έχουν το Μεγαλύτερο Ποσοστό Μετάδοσης του HIV;

Στις Φιλιππίνες ο HIV μεταδίδεται ταχύτερα από οποιοδήποτε άλλο μέρος στον κόσμο.
What in the World

Escobar’s Pooping Hippos, World’s Most Expensive Mango & Other Weird News | What in The World

"Hippos rescued from Pablo Escobar’s estate won’t stop having sex and pooping". There’s still enough weird news in the world to keep you distracted from pandemic perils.
The Big Steal

What Happened to the Billions That Former President Marcos Stole From the Philippines? | Big Steal

In this first episode of Big Steal, we learn how former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos became one of the richest, and most corrupt men, in Southeast Asia.
Indonesia Riot

Kidnapped By ISIS-Linked Pirates In the Philippines: Terror at Sea

Indonesian fishermen are leaving their poorer villages for Malaysia for higher pay and steady work, sailing right into the jaws of Abu Sayyaf, a feared terrorist group.
VICE Votes / web

Supporters and Critics of President Rodrigo Duterte Discuss the 2019 Elections

In the lead up to the 2019 Philippine midterm election, VICE Asia gathered young supporters and critics of President Rodrigo Duterte to discuss pressing issues.