Motherboard Shorties

Swimming with a Prosthetic Leg: The Fin

We meet Kevin Vaughan, a 28 year old vet and amputee at home and as he tries his new amphibious water prosthetic, "the fin." We also visit the fin's creator, Todd Goldstein, in his 3D printing lab.
Yes Man

I Resurfaced My Skin to Make it Look Smoother

Our resident Yes Man Grant Stoddard gets a Fraxel procedure in his pursuit of a youthful complexion.
Yes Man

Grant Stoddard's Four-Week Body Transformation

Grant Stoddard hits the gym with trainer Ngo Okafor, hoping to get ripped in four weeks flat.
Yes Man

I Tried to Destroy My Love Handles with a Laser

Sculpsure is a noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment designed to get rid of pesky fat cells around the abdomen and flanks. Our resident Yes Man Grant Stoddard decided to give it a try to see if he could destroy his love handles.
Tonic Shorties

What Octopuses Can Tell Us About the Future

Octopuses are a lot smarter than we think.
STD Glossary

66% of the World's Population Has This Strain of Herpes

Lola, a sex educator, teaches us about Herpes.
STD Glossary

STD Glossary: HIV

Lola, a sex educator, teaches us about HIV.
STD Glossary

Gonorrhea Keeps Evading Our Best Efforts to Kill It

Lola, a sex educator, teaches us about Gonorrhea.
STD Glossary

Get Tested for Chlamydia, Even if You Think You're Clean

Lola, a sex educator, teaches us about Chlamydia.
STD Glossary

You Probably Have, Have Had, or Will Have HPV

Lola, a sex educator, teaches us about HPV.
Yes Man

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy involves a large amount of water being flushed through the colon, in the name of detox. But there's no scientific evidence and medical experts even think it could be risky. Grant Stoddard went to test this controversial procedure.
International Mom Advice

Indian Cold Remedy

Meet Mythili Jayaram, mother of three, grandmother of two and cold remedy master.