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Finding Family In Bangkok’s Drag Queens

Drag Race Thailand has catapulted the art form into mainstream consciousness. In this doc, we explore what it takes to find family in the drag scene in Bangkok.
Style & Error

Is Asian Rap Cultural Appropriation?

Model Salem Mitchell sits down with local LA rapper, Hollei Day to discuss Asians in Hip Hop, and the female rappers views on cultural appropriation.
VICE Self-Portraits

Self Portrait: Rita Ora

Rita Ora stopped by VICE Asia to draw herself and her alter-ego.
VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

I Broke Dumb Laws in Front of Police to See If They'd Arrest Me

VICE's Oobah Butler sees if anyone takes Britain's weird ancient laws seriously by trying to break as many as he can in a day in front of policemen.
VICE Shorties

Dungeons and Drag Queens

For gay men, community can often mean clubbing. This group of friends have created their own daytime community, playing Dungeons and Dragons and they're not the only ones. We look at how D&D can be a form of self expression for these 'gaymers'.
High-Powered Fails

Gov. Kate Brown Was Laid Off from Her First Job

In this episode of High-Powered Fails, Oregon Governor Kate Brown explains how she lost her first job just after graduating law school, and what she learned in terms of overcoming sexism in subsequent job interviews.
क se Crime

औ se Auzaar | Ep 3 of क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

We look into the weaponry the gangs of Purvanchal used, and what the police used to bring them down, in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'Au se Auzaar'. #कseCrime
क se Crime

स se Smuggling | क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

The long international border between India and Nepal gives smugglers many opportunities to traffick contraband in and out of the country - including arms, drugs, and human beings. We look at the mafia connection in this episode - 'S se Smuggling'.
VICE Shorties

Waiting for Fukushima

The forgotten victims of Fukushima (2011), who are still living in matchbox-sized temporary accommodation 7 years on, speak out for the first time on camera, about their experience with the Japanese government, TEPCO and radiation.
क se Crime

ग se Gang | Ep 2 of क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

Intimidation, violence, and corruption are a few of the means criminal gangs use to seize lucrative government contracts. The logistics of running a crime ring explained in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'G se Gang'. #कseCrime
क se Crime

फ se Faraari | क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

"For shooters, killing a target is easy - it's getting away with it that's hard. We look at the business of contract killing in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'F se Faraari'. #कseCrime
क se Crime

श se Shooter | Ep 1 of क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

WATCH! Crime reporters, police officers, and former criminals give us an expert breakdown of what it takes to be a shooter in eastern UP. Everything from recruitment to murder for hire, in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'Sh se Shooter'. #कseCrime