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‘Howdy Modi’: India’s Prime Minister Threw a Blowout with Trump in Texas

Trump is courting Indian Americans who love Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's nationalist policies.
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America's Newest Outsourced Job: Public School Teachers

American public schools are looking to the Philippines to address a shortage of teachers around the country.
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Is America Getting Better? We Asked Americans

VICE News traveled across the country, stopping in Colorado, Ohio and North Carolina to ask as many people as we could one question: Is America getting better?
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Inside the Resistance Fighting India's Occupation of Kashmir

How One Neighborhood in Kashmir Is Resisting India’s Army
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El Paso Congresswoman Escobar Learned the Massacre Was Underway With VICE News

VICE News was with Escobar as she learned about the shooting, and trailed her as she figured out what to do next.
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This Is the Guy Democrats Need to Impress at the Iowa State Fair

VICE News travels to Des Moines to meet a state politician and learn the history of the Iowa State Fair
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Why You Need to Care About DeRay Mckesson’s First Amendment Case

This ruling could make protest leaders liable for things they didn’t do
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The Storming of Hong Kong’s Parliament

But for the city’s pro-democracy movement, the response to Monday’s unprecedented storming of the government headquarters looks a lot messier.
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This California Valley Is in a Battle with L.A. Over Water

VICE News got both sides of the story while also talking to a historian to understand how it got this way.
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The Vigilantes Filling In The Potholes Of Oakland

When the city can’t fix its own roads, volunteers are stepping in. The city is not pleased
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Ocean Vuong 'Breaks Apart' The Immigrant Experience In His Debut Novel

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous,” by the award-winning Vietnamese-American poet and novelist Ocean Vuong,is already one of the best-reviewed novels of 2019.
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China’s Vanishing Muslims: Undercover In The Most Dystopian Place In The World

Journalists are followed wherever they go and prevented from visiting certain places or speaking with locals. So we posed as tourists