Word of Mouth

Legendary Food Hidden in a No Stoplight Town

Tucked away in a tiny town in the Catskill Mountains is Russell’s General Store: a small general store with one of New York’s best bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches.
The Cooking Show

Not Your Typical Breakfast Rolls

If you’re wondering what the meat lover’s version of a cinnamon roll is, this is it: Farideh’s mortadella, salami, and ricotta filled morning buns.
The Cooking Show

Farideh’s Green Eggs and Ham

Based on the children’s book, except not, Farideh’s greens, eggs, and bacon is a traditional breakfast with a super green twist.
MUNCHIES Virtual Cook-Off

Battle Of The Breakfast Pastas - MUNCHIES Cook-Off

Watch four MUNCHIES fans compete in the first ever MUNCHIES Virtual Cook-Off, judged by Farideh, host of The Cooking Show.
The Cooking Show

Crab Eggs Benedict - The Cooking Show

Farideh is in the Munchies Test Kitchen to upgrade a classic brunch dish with her favorite crustacean: crab eggs benedict.
The Cooking Show

White Bean Breakfast Bake - The Cooking Show

Farideh’s white bean breakfast bake is a light, comforting, and healthy(ish) way to enjoy beans for breakfast.

How To Make Pancakes from Chez Ma Tante

Chef Jake Leiber reveals the secret to the indulgent pancakes at his Canadian-inspired restaurant, Chez Ma Tante: lots of clarified butter.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Alvin Calian owner of Eggslut shows us how to whip up the best breakfast sandwich you'll ever have just using common items you can find in your pantry.
Nuts + Bolts / S1 EP3


Waffles. Syrup. Breakfast. Tyler creates a new kind of delicious breakfast item.
Waypoint Plays

Breakfast & BATTLEGROUNDS (Episode 29)

Today on Breakfast & Battlegrounds, we have been given the privilege to tune into a momentous occasion. There's one very special day in a father's life, a day all fathers anticipate with joy, when his son comes to him and asks, "Dad, what are foregr
Waypoint Plays

Chasing Chicken Dinner: Breakfast & BATTLEGROUNDS (Episode 27)

We are joined again by our favorite Father/Son duo, Crowbar and Sickle, in what might be their closest encounter with chicken dinners yet. Will they continue to go hungry, or will they finally get their fill?
Waypoint Plays

Breakfast & BATTLEGROUNDS (Episode 21)

Patrick decides the best option is to spend time learning to become a bridge troll. It goes about as well as you might expect.