Decade of Hate

How Poland’s populist government emboldened the far-right

The Polish far right is attacking women and the LGBTQ community, and the government is doing nothing. In fact, it actually called on violent extremists to join the fight.
God's Country

Redefining the Separation of Church and State | God's Country

This is a show investigating the intersection of politics and religion. Following Religious Leaders as they campaign on both sides of the US's 2020 Presidential election
Snake Man

The Serpent Preachers: Talking to God Through Snakes

Steve Ludwin visits a church in West Virginia where the worship centres around handling deadly snakes, setting yourself on fire, drinking poison and refusing medical attention when things inevitably go wrong.
Broadly Specials

Finding God at a Beyoncé Mass

Broadly recently attended a jam-packed Beyoncé Mass held at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, which was organized by reverend and theologian Yolanda Norton.
VICE News Shorts

The money habits of a Times Square nun

A woman makes a big life changes and becomes a nun.
Broadly Specials

Inside the Satanic Temple's Fight to Protect Your Abortion Rights

Broadly host Callie Beusman follows Satanic Temple activists as they engage in various political actions and meets with anti-abortion protesters and politicians.
The Real

Das echte 'True Detective'?

Vor zehn Jahren wurde eine Kleinstadt in Louisiana erschüttert, als ans Licht kam, dass in der Kirchengemeinde heimlich Satan angebetet, Kinder rituell missbraucht und Tiere geopfert wurden. Klingelt da was?