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Alabama Women on the Senate Election

Alabama women weigh in on their choice for Senator.
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Roy Moore or Doug Jones? Alabama women explain their vote for senator

Alabama women weigh in on their choice for Senator.
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Democrat Danica Roem makes history

VICE News profiles the trans woman who won her election in Virginia.
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“Recovered” gay man is leading the Catholic church's alt-right movement

Catholicism’s Breitbart: The site 'Church Militant,' and founder Michael Voris are targeting liberal priests

Putin Trumps America

Russia vs NATO. Will a battle that started in cyberspace play out on the ground?

Hacking the US Election

We know Russia hacked the DNC. Ben Makuch finds the hackers who pulled it off.
On The Streets

On the Streets: New Zealand Election

VICELAND talked to 70 young people about what it means to be a young person in New Zealand, discussing key issues around housing, immigration, university, drugs, equality, the environment—and the electoral candidates.
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Battle To The Beehive

An in game mode example of our new video game.
We Are New Zealand

This Stand-Up Comic Made New Zealand Home By Getting on the Microphone

From practising superhero poses to punching out 80's power ballads on the bus, meet Filipino funnyman Roland Mirabueno.
We Are New Zealand

Meet the Musician Who Broke Lorde’s Record

Step inside Awataha Marae to meet Kings, the New Zealand producer and rapper whose track ‘Don’t Worry ‘Bout It’ spent more time at number one in the New Zealand singles charts than any other track. Ever.
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VICE Talks ‘Chasing Asylum’ with Filmmaker Eva Orner

A day after learning a 23-year-old woman had set herself on fire on Nauru, we spoke to Academy Award-winning documentarian Eva Orner about her latest film on Australia’s deadly offshore detention policy.
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Meet the 21-Year-Old Inking Pacific Culture on New Zealanders

Step inside Small Axe Studio, where tattoo artist Matiah Koloamatangi and her father work side by side.