Geico Q3 - $200 Island

The Grand Finale

The grand finale of a very specific reality web series, who will win this season of $200 Island???
Geico Q3 - $200 Island

$200 Dries up FAST (On a Hot, Virtual Island) (Episode 3)

Things get heated on $200 Island as our contestants face their second Island Challenge.
Geico Q3 - $200 Island

Budget Cooking Challenge Accepted! (Episode 2)

Our $200 Island contestants get their first Island Challenge, will they rise to the occasion?
Geico Q3 - $200 Island

Surviving on Internet Purchases ONLY (Episode 1)

Two contestants are welcomed to $200 Island, but will they survive the week?
Geico Itemized - Q1 2021 / web

Why This Photo Costs $3,000 | Itemized

What’s a picture worth? Artist Rachel Stern breaks it down.
Geico Itemized - Q1 2021 / web

Why This Album Costs $600 | Itemized

What is music worth? Artist Jaylen Strong breaks it down.
Geico Itemized - Q1 2021 / web

Why This Top Costs $250 | Itemized

What is an iconic look worth? Designer Tyler McGillivary breaks it down.
Geico Itemized - Q1 2021 / web

Why This Painting Costs $5,000 | Itemized

What is a painting worth? Artist Daniel Barragán breaks it down.
Geico: Simply Put / web

Breaking Down Credit Scores with an Expert and a Kid

Credit isn’t that complicated until it goes bad. Then it can cause a world of headaches. Let’s get ahead of the curve by explaining things to an 11-year-old.
Geico: Simply Put / web

Can a 7 Year Old Understand the Stock Market?

Cameron is seven years old and one day aspires to be an astronaut chef who cooks for aliens. Our host, Lilian, got him to understand the stock market. We feel confident that we can get you there too.
Geico: Simply Put / web

11-year-old Claudia Learns about Investment (and Buying Bearded Dragons)

Some people want to buy a house. Some people, like 11-year-old Claudia, want to buy dozens of reptiles. Either way, it’s important to understand investment and interest to make dreams into realities.
Geico: Simply Put / web

Here’s How to Plan for Retirement...Broken Down for a Kid

So how does one ever actually retire? Let our expert explain the financials behind retirement - to an actual kid - so that we all might actually understand.