The War On Drugs

Is The World’s Weirdest Drug Market In New Zealand?

New Zealand is overrun with meth and new synthetic drugs – sold by fierce biker gangs. But, this is how one psychedelic rockstar almost managed to end their War on Drugs!
Eat Better

How Fish Heads Are Improving New Zealand

In Auckland, NZ, The Kai Ika Project was created to utilize fish heads, frames and offal which were previously going to waste.
Family Food

How A 50 Year Old Pho Recipe Ended Up In New Zealand

Try It Out is a three generation family owned and operated Vietnamese restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand.
Under The Ink

Papua New Guinean Traditional Tattoos

We follow Julia Mage’au Gray into the world of Pasifika (Pacific Islander) traditional tattoos and its resurgence within modern-day Australia and New Zealand.
One Day We're All Going To Die

Memento Mori

Sam Te Kani meets renowned photographic artist Fiona Pardington to discuss death as a central theme in art and learns how to make a memento mori.
One Day We're All Going To Die

Natural Burials

Sam Te Kani spends the morning at a natural funeral home learning about what it means to have a natural funeral before heading out to Aucklands largest cemetery to learn about natural burials.
One Day We're All Going To Die

The Coffin Club

Sam Te Kani heads out to the rural town of Katikati in New Zealands north island where he meets a welcoming group of older people who make and hand decorate their own coffins.
VICE New Zealand Shorties

SINGLES: Robinson

VICE talks to Robinson in two places that pertain to her single Nothing to Regret - her song that has been nominated as single of the year at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

Lost Boys of Taranaki

In this episode of Zealandia, VICE embeds with a group of youth offenders growing up among poverty, gangs and boredom and goes deep into the New Zealand bush on an early intervention programme.
Last Meal With

Last Meal With Frankie Adams

The NZ-Samoan actor has a go at cooking her first traditional Samoan to’anai.
VICE New Zealand Shorties

Mad Pride: The Fight to Reclaim Mental Health

Mad Pride is a movement of New Zealanders who are taking back control of their mental health diagnoses. We went to find out what it’s like to deal with the voices in your head.
VICE New Zealand Shorties

Learning How To Kill With My Bare Hands

VICE wanted to find out if one of our un-athletic staff members could learn how to fight like an assassin, so we sent staff writer James Borrowdale to learn some of the basics of close quarter battle.