The Great Council House Scam

Drugs, Prostitution, & Diesel Conversion: Criminal Opportunists Thrive Amidst UK Housing Crisis

In the midst of the UK's biggest ever housing crisis, criminal opportunists have taken advantage of social housing by appropriating council houses for a wide variety of criminal enterprise.
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Le coût élevé des vêtements bon marché

Au Cambodge, les autorités arrêtent les prostituées des rues et les forcent à se reconvertir en couturières dans des ateliers de misère.

Sex Workers in Saarland

Germany implemented some of the most liberal prostitution laws in Europe. Aimed at improving the legal and social status of women, the laws have had the opposite effect.
Love Industries

Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination

In this episode of Love Industries, we stepped into the world of financial domination to understand its growing allure.
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Spain's Sex Supermarket

In Spain, sex work laws are vague, and responsible for a culture where demand for sex is at an all-time high.
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A Bizarre Night in Thailand

Carrie Ching traveled to Thailand in 2004 to interview ex-pat Vietnam War veterans for a story about the upcoming Bush-Kerry presidential election.
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Ich habe undercover in einem türkischen Bordell gearbeitet

Fotojournalistin Mimi Chakarova spricht über ihre Reise in die Unterwelt des internationalen Sexhandels.
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Die japanische Liebesindustrie

Ryan Duffy hat einiges über sich ergehen lassen, um das Phänomen der käuflichen Liebe und Zuneigung in Japan zu untersuchen.