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"Be A Man”: Modernists and Traditionalists Debate Masculinity

What's the state of masculinity in America? From toxic masculinity to dating to big dick energy, this revealing discussion digs into the issues challenging men today.

Sex Abuse in the Korean Military

South Korea’s military is considered one of its most male-dominant institutions. In 2021, a female soldier committed suicide after being repeatedly sexually assaulted.
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Malaysia is Jailing People for Attempted Suicide

A colonial-era law in Malaysia still punishes some suicide attempts with a prison sentence. But activists are fighting to get the law repealed by asking why authorities treat those in need of help as criminals instead.
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Japan's Youth Sports Leagues Hide Dark History of Abuse, Suicide

The practice of "taibatsu," or corporal punishment, has deep roots in Japan's youth sports programs. VICE News meets Satoshi Araya, the father of a son who committed suicide after being bullied by his coach, as he searches for justice.
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Suicide memes may be a form of therapy

The internet is joking about suicide and it may be a good thing
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Katy Perry

Pop icon Katy Perry talks about reconciling her public persona with her true self.
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Trial to decide if bullying that led to suicide is manslaughter

VICE News investigates if someone can be held criminally responsible for another person's suicide.
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The Experimental Ketamine Cure for Depression

Could the club drug ketamine be the best hope for curing chronic depression?
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Martin Rev & MGMT

Quand le savant fou de Suicide donne quelques leçons à deux bons élèves hyper timides.
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Auf Patrouille mit Südkoreas Suizid-Rettungsteam

Wir haben ein Suizid-Rettungsteam aus Seoul bei der Arbeit begleitet, um zu verstehen, was Südkorea gegen die dort grassierende Suizidepidemie unternimmt.
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France At War (Dispatch 1)

Eight heavily armed gunmen wearing suicide vests opened fire and detonated bombs at locations across Paris, killing at least 129 people.

Fake-Beerdigungen in Südkorea

Die "Near Death"-Bewegung will den Lebensdrang der Südkoreaner durch einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf den Tod erneuern.