Brendan the Poo Diver

Next time you’re having a shit day at work, spare a thought for Australia’s professional poo divers. They suit up and dive down into toxic ponds of excrement to make sure the country’s sewerage processing plants are running well.
Violent Times

Sydney's Underworld Enforcer

For almost 30 years notorious gangster Graham 'Abo' Henry ruled the mean streets of Sydney with iron fists. With violence, bloodshed and fear as his tools of trade, he carved a swathe through the criminal underworld.

Meet the Vicki who lives with crocodiles in her Australian home

Meet the Vicki who lives with crocodiles in her Australian home
i-D Meets

i-D Meets St. Vincent

During her recent trip to Australia, i-D spent the day with Annie Clark at the Sydney Opera House. Between exploring empty theatres, backstage secrets and quiet corners we caught up on the latest incarnation of her musical doppelgänger St. Vincent.

Lizzy Rose Australia’s Suburban Exorcist

Meet Lizzy Rose, your friendly neighbourhood exorcist. From her home in the Melbourne suburbs, she helps people rid themselves of demons, spirits, entities and all kinds of bad vibes.
Come Here Often

Kirin J Callinan

Kirin J Callinan is one of Australia’s most active and exciting contemporary musicians. As a person he is engaging, bizarre and cheeky. A bottle of red, a shared plate of meatball bolognese and some light afternoon conversation sets the tone for Issy

Island Queens

In this episode of Australiana, VICE embeds with the gay and trans Indigenous community of the Tiwi Islands to explore the intersection of traditional culture and gender identity.

Jonathan Zawada on Flume, Flowers, and Making Mathematics Beautiful

The LA based Australian artist/designer talks working with Flume and Mark Pritchard, using technology to get closer to nature, and creating flowers from algorithms.
Chef's Night Out

Smoked Meats, Late Night Chinese and Lap Dancing: Chef's Night Out with Mitch Orr

We follow Sydney’s Prince of Pasta Mitch Orr and his fellow Sydney celebrity chefs on a debaucherous journey of the city’s institutional venues and most hyped eateries.
Air New Zealand

After Dark: The Hidden Kitchens of Buenos Aires

Sydney chef Elvis Abrahanowicz visits his hometown of Buenos Aires to investigate the city’s discrete kitchen movement—everyday people serving food and drink to the public from the comfort of their homes.
How-To / web

Make a Beef Flank with Smoked Beef Fat Vinaigrette with Luke Powell

Luke Powell is a master of smoked, cold-cut, and pressed meat.
Broadly Meets

Actor Brenna Harding on Same-Sex Parenting Rights and Female Collectives

Broadly sits down with Puberty Blues actor Brenna Harding to talk activism and the power of female collectives.