Local Legends

All Trump Tattoos are Free at this NH Shop

Meet the New England tattoo artist who skyrocketed to fame after offering free Trump tattoos to anyone who asked.
Under The Ink

How the Salem Witch Trials Inspired These Twin Tattooists

The talented Matt and Ryan Murray are identical twin tattooists whose dark and gritty styles have drawn Instagram fame.
Rites of Passage / web

The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built on Pain

VICE follows the orchestrators behind the Brutal Black Project, the tattoo collective where mandalas go to die and pain is prioritized over aesthetics.
The Other Side

The Other Side Of Food

Kiwi chef Josh Barlow is thrown into the deep end of Tokyo’s food and nightlife scene when he meets up with Japanese chef Nori Tsugawa and cooks for regulars at his izakaya.
The Other Side

The Other Side of Ink

Paitangi Ostick is one of the first females to practice tā moko – the Māori art of tattoo. She travels from New Zealand to Tokyo, where she meets Japanese tattoo artist Megumu Kamata to compare notes on their shared craft.
We Are New Zealand

Meet the 21-Year-Old Inking Pacific Culture on New Zealanders

Step inside Small Axe Studio, where tattoo artist Matiah Koloamatangi and her father work side by side.
Dead Set On Life / S3 EP6

Two Big Chefs in Kiwi Country

Morgan & Matty are two big dawgs on a Māori mission in New Zealand.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP5

Erotic & Illegal Tattoos of Japan

Grace explores Japan's complicated relationship with tattooing.
Needles & Pins / S1 EP4

New Zealand’s Ancient Tattoo Identity

Grace heads to New Zealand to witness the resurgence of Maori Ta Moko tattooing.
The Other Side

The Other Side: Art

Auckland based illustrator Toby Morris travels to Tokyo, where comic art and anime infiltrate everyday life.
VICE Australia Shorties

Matty Gets a Tattoo

Matty Matheson has a humble goal—to cover his entire body, aka Skin Mountain, in tattoos. He gets one step closer in Melbourne, Australia.
Creators Shorties

Flash Me: Tattoo Art Show

Creators editor Emerson Rosenthal gets a tattoo at the opening of Flash Me, a group show of flash tattoos by fine artists and illustrators held at Cooler Gallery in Brooklyn.