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Sex with Sam

Sex With Sam: The World's First Lesbian Museum

In this episode of Sex With Sam, Sam talks New Zealand's "eroded and erased" lesbian history with Dr Miriam Saphira of Auckland's The Charlotte Trust Museum.
Sex with Sam

The Secret Sex Lives of Closeted Farmers

Sam meets Matt, a gay farmer who lifts the lid on his encounters with closeted gay men of rural New Zealand.
Sex with Sam

Mindful Masturbation and Tantric Sex Magic

Our sexpert Sam takes a crash course in mindful self love with tantra coach Natalie Z from Auckland's Blue Lotus Sanctuary.

Deportees of Tonga: Gangsters in Paradise

VICE embeds with four Tongan nationals who have been sent back to the tiny island nation where they were born after serving prison time in New Zealand and the United States.
Gocsy's Australia

What's Actually in Chicken Salt?

VICE sent Aussie legend Aaron Gocs, aka Gocsy, to investigate the secret ingredient in our nation's greatest culinary invention—chicken salt.
VICE New Zealand Shorties

SINGLES: Sons of Zion

VICE speaks to Sons of Zion about their single Drift Away - a nominee for the single of the year award 2018.

Inside The Motel That Homes The Homeless, Ex-Prisoners, and Refugees

Over a period of four months, VICE embed with the staff and residents of The Stay Inn, a motel that gets most of its clientele through prison and homeless services.
In Bloom / web


VICE headed to the Queer Ideas Festival in Melbourne to chat to attendees and hear about their own experiences of coming out, dealing with bullies, managing conservative parents, crushing on a straight friend and living in “20-gay-teen”.

Women in the House

VICE investigates the female experience of New Zealand politics, embedding with three women from across the political spectrum to find out what it’s like to be a female politician in 2018.

Inside Sex Work in New Zealand

Sex workers in New Zealand have the most legal rights of anywhere in the world. VICE goes into high-end brothels, solo home operations, and on the freezing, cold streets and finds an industry of extremes and lingering stigma.
New Zealand Shorties

The Psychology of Winning

What is the killer instinct, and how do you get it? VICE finds out from winter sports athletes and experts what it takes to believe you are better than everybody else.
In Bloom

How Can I Help my Partner Be More Confident in Bed?

Can I get an STI from someone of the same gender as me? How can I have safe lesbian sex? How do you make someone feel comfortable in bed? What are some tips for sexuality and disability? Answers in this episode of In Bloom.