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California's Burning, and Farmworkers Are Still in the Fields

Fast-moving wildfire ignites in Northern California wine country, prompting evacuations.
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Hong Kong Police Tear Gas And Beat Protesters Trying To Escape University

Parents Are Begging Hong Kong Police to Release Students Trapped in Besieged University Campus
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Venice Hit By Worst Flood In 50 Years

This Is What Venice Looks Like Right Now
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Nuclear Rivals India and Pakistan Opened up a ‘Peace Corridor.’ That’s Pissing Some People Off.

But for many Indian Sikhs, the move meant their first chance to celebrate Tuesday's holiday at a revered temple in Pakistan.
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Why Chile Is Rising Up

Protests in Chile have gotten pretty wild, with nearly 18 people dead so far. What's happening there?
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Katie Hill Slams Republicans for Enabling Sexual Predators

Katie Hill took to the House floor to deliver her last speech, with a message for Republicans: Stop enabling accused sexual predators.
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Inside the Gun Worshipping Moonie Church MAGA America Loves

The Moonies have guns and an avid MAGA American following in rural Penn. We spent a weekend at their first "Rod of Iron Freedom Festival."
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Trump’s Chaotic Syria Plan Doesn’t Just Screw the Kurds, It Could help ISIS

It could also really hurt the American position with its allies in the region.
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The Race For Quantum Supremacy I VICE on HBO

VICE's Taylor Wilson meets the scientists at the cutting edge of this new age of computing.
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How Journalists Work Around Kashmir's Internet Blackouts

Kashmiri Journalists are warning the state is “simmering” under a communications ban
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Protester Spits On Trump Supporter During Interview at Minneapolis Rally

Protester Spits On Trump Supporter During Interview at Minneapolis Rally
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Rep. Elijah Cummings Has Died. Watch the Powerful Statement He Gave at Michael Cohen's Hearing.

The Democratic congressman from Baltimore was 68.