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How to Make Chai That'll Get You High

Abdullah Saeed, VICE's in-house weed expert, shows you how to make cannabis-infused milk with cardamom, ginger, and cloves—a tasty addition to a cup of chai that's sure to be a relaxing way to end the day.
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Bong Appetit: Trailer

Abdullah Saeed throws elaborate cannabis dinner parties with notable chefs preparing multi-course infused meals. Premiering Monday 27th February at 10:00PM.

How to Roll a Plumber's Joint

Abdullah Saeed is back with a new DIY 'Smokeables' video, this time to teach you how to make a joint with incredible airflow.
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Buds and Breakfast

Abdullah and Jamie check in to the Emerald City’s finest cannabis-friendly “bud and breakfast,” The Winston House, for some well-deserved R+R.
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Stoned Shabbat Dinner

You can pretty much infuse anything with cannabis, that is, if you’ve got the right buds.
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Puff Puff Pizza

Abdullah heads to Portland, Oregon to attend the second Puff Puff Pizza Party hosted by the good people of P.R.E.A.M. Pizza.
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Abdullah heads to San Francisco to meet the folks behind THCheese, purveyors of gourmet medicated foods, and explore the high end of the high life.
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Colorado Ganja Tour

Abdullah travels to Colorado to see what marijuana tourism is like in a small mountain town with Philip Wolf of Cultivating Spirits.
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Making Mahjoun with Ice-Water Hash

Get stoned like a berber with this 1,000-year-old mahjoun recipe.