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The Dark Reality of Care Facilities

VICE speaks to a former carer about the abuse and exploitation she witnessed in the industry.

The Dark Side of Being a Food Delivery Person

A female delivery driver shares her experiences of demoralizing working conditions, sexual harassment, and neglect from her company – all to get customers their food.
False Gods

The Cult Leader Who Claims to Be Leonardo da Vinci | False Gods

Serge Benhayon leads a group called Universal Medicine that an Australian court found it was true to call a "socially harmful cult". Despite this, it continues to attract followers around the world.

Working as a Sex Worker During the Pandemic

We hear from an escort about how the sex industry has been affected by the pandemic and the challenges she faces working in a job without protection and support.
False Gods

Cult Leader, Abuser or Goddess? Meet 'Mother God' | False Gods

Amy Carlson leads a group called Love Has Won. While her followers believe she is a divine being, others accuse her of leading a cult.

Escaping North Korea Twice

A North Korean refugee explains how they survived famine, torture and illness to escape their homeland twice.
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Japan's Youth Sports Leagues Hide Dark History of Abuse, Suicide

The practice of "taibatsu," or corporal punishment, has deep roots in Japan's youth sports programs. VICE News meets Satoshi Araya, the father of a son who committed suicide after being bullied by his coach, as he searches for justice.

The Crystal Meth Epidemic Plaguing Fresno

VICE's Paola Ramos traveled to Fresno, CA to explore the history, factors and the ongoing relationship between the Latino community and methamphetamine use.
Broadly Specials

Unfollow Me: The Story of Meera Dalal

Meera Dalal was a 25-year-old woman from Leicester, UK who died by suicide in 2016 after being stalked and abused by her ex-boyfriend. Broadly meets with Dalal's friends to talk about her life, death, and what lessons need to be learned.
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Sean Hannity wants to clear up his defense of Senate candidate Roy Moore

Hannity apologizes for not being “clear” while defending Roy Moore