Side Hustles

Farming the Dead for a Living

In this episode of SIDE HUSTLES, an animal-adoring farmer grapples with critics who think she’s a death-obsessed weirdo and tends to her animals, alive and dead.
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How Wild Animals Could Suffer During Coronavirus Lockdown

Some animals do indeed need a little human presence to survive, such as the sunflower bee, which relies on conservation efforts to protect their habitat.
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I Spoke With Animals Through Pet Psychics

Taji discusses trending topics with animal mediums.
The Cutest Job in the World

Meet The Prairie Dog Owner

Walking into Laura's house you'll see a sign 'Welcome To The Nut House', this is because Laura owns *eleven* Prairie Dogs, a type of squirrel named after the barking noise it makes.
The Cutest Job in the World

Meet The Skunk Kits Rescuer

Skunks are not usually associated with cuteness. However, in this episode we meet a family of rescued skunk kits who defy their stereotype.
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Robotic Pets Are Helping Dementia Patients

VICE News goes and finds out what that looks like.
The Cutest Job in the World

Meet The Owl Monkey Keeper

Big-eyed sloth-annoyers, as described by their keeper. Owl monkeys are nocturnal little rascals who look a bit like owls, but with none of the stoicism. Everyone loves a furry monkey!
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Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism or Protest?

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is an animal liberation group that is notorious for its large-scale actions which sometimes involve illegal tactics such as civil disobedience and trespassing.
The Cutest Job in the World

The Corsac Fox Friend

Ever fancied having a fox for a friend?
The Cutest Job in the World

The Baby Tree Kangaroo Keeper

If only you could shrink a kangaroo and make it more adorable... oh wait!
The Cutest Job in the World

The Seal Cub Carer

Natalie is in charge of looking after seal cubs that need special help before going back into the wild. She gets to tickle their tummies, roll them around and stare into their big puppy dog eyes every single day.
The Cutest Job in the World

Training Husky Puppies to Become Sled Dogs

VICE went out to Husky Homestead in Denali Park, Alaska, where trainer Ellen King spends her days training and caring for energetic husky pups.