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The Craziest Ways Cartels Traffic Drugs

Drug cartels are more innovative than most legitimate companies. From narco-submarines to sex toys, we look at the most inventive ways cartels have smuggled drugs.
The War On Drugs

Colombia’s Most Wanted Drug Lord

The Colombian cocaine trade has transformed since the days of Pablo Escobar. This is the story of the rise of the new generation of Colombian drug lords.
The War On Drugs / web

The Mystery of the $200 Million Drug Bust

In 2007, police seized $207 million from the Chinese-Mexican businessman Zhenli Ye Gon. Could he be the weirdest trafficker in the entire history of the War on Drugs?
The War On Drugs / web

How Shellfish Fuelled a Meth Boom

From poaching endangered shellfish to smoking quaaludes, this is the wild origin story of how meth took over South Africa.
The War On Drugs

Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Kingpin

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel are Mexico’s deadliest narco empire. But amidst rumours that their leader is actually dead – could this all be about to crumble?
The War On Drugs

How Sinaloa Became Mexico’s Biggest Cartel

The Sinaloa Cartel is perhaps the most powerful criminal group on Earth. We reveal the mix of adaptability and violence that maintains their grip on the drugs trade.
The War On Drugs

The Meth Warlords of the Golden Triangle

Host, Jamie Clifton, looks at some of the chaos caused by recreational drug prohibition.
The War On Drugs


The global cocaine trade has been revolutionised by Albanian mafia groups. We show how these groups really operate, using business innovation and brutal violence to maintain their power.
The War On Drugs

Central America's Deadliest Drugs Gang

How did the street gang MS-13 become the deadliest gang in Central America, virtually taking over entire cities? How do they actually fit into the global narco-trade?
The War On Drugs

How Fiji Became a Cartel Paradise

There’s a new cocaine and meth superhighway stretching from Latin America to Australia via the Pacific Islands, with unforeseen and devastating consequences.
The War On Drugs

Is The World’s Weirdest Drug Market In New Zealand?

New Zealand is overrun with meth and new synthetic drugs – sold by fierce biker gangs. But, this is how one psychedelic rockstar almost managed to end their War on Drugs!
The War On Drugs

How Russia Created the World’s Worst Street Drug

Russia’s brutal War on Drugs has led to some of some of the world’s deadliest street drugs and an exploding HIV crisis – and the Russian people have paid the price.