The War On Drugs

How Russia Created the World’s Worst Street Drug

Russia’s brutal War on Drugs has led to some of some of the world’s deadliest street drugs and an exploding HIV crisis – and the Russian people have paid the price.
The War On Drugs

How the CIA Created a Cocaine Dictator

Manuel Noriega was a brutal dictator. He was also a cocaine trafficker, protected by the CIA. When the US invaded to arrest him, the War on Drugs became a literal war.
The War On Drugs

The Female Cartel Bosses of Latin America

Who are the mysterious female bosses commanding cartels? How have these women achieved power, and what can they show us about how the drug war shapes women's lives?
The War On Drugs

Brazil’s Drug Wars Just Got Even Deadlier

This is how Brazil’s deadly drug wars have been fuelled by a president who thinks the solution is to throw more guns at the problem.
The War On Drugs

Did Drug Cartels Murder Haiti's President?

Did drug cartels with connections deep in the Haitian government murder the country’s president? We ask whether Jovenal Moïse was another casualty of the War on Drugs.
The War On Drugs

The Secret Drug Boss of Jamaica

This is the story of Chris “Dudus” Coke, the drug lord who became the secret “President” of Jamaica.
The War On Drugs

The Deadliest Cartel in Mexico

Dead bodies hung from bridges, decapitated heads and bloody massacres - this is how Mexico’s most violent cartel changed the game of Mexico’s drug war.
The War On Drugs

How Conservatives Wrecked Drug Treatment

This is how, since 2010, the British Conservative Party has disastrously restructured UK drug treatment – and how tens of thousands of people may have died as a result.
The War On Drugs

How Heroin Defeated America in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, America was defeated as much by the illegal heroin trade as by the Taliban itself. This is how heroin and violence have shaped Afghanistan as a country.
The War On Drugs

How Mexico's Cartels Turned Into Billion Dollar Empires

Who are the Mexican drug cartels? How did they develop? How did the War on Drugs turn them into billion dollar empires, capable of paramilitary style violence?
The War On Drugs

The Opioid Crisis Sweeping Africa

Africa is in the midst of an opioids crisis. The painkiller Tramadol is exploding on the continent – and the War on Drugs is making the situation even worse.
The War On Drugs

The Right Way to Legalize Weed

With cannabis legalisation sweeping across North America, we look at the issues of social justice and equality needed to get the process right and fair.