Artificial Intelligence


Future Tense

End of Death

The concept of living forever has lived in pop culture across generations and cultures, but have scientists in Japan finally cracked the code? In this episode of Future Tense, we discover more about the tech that could digitalise life as we know it.
VWN Super-Users

The Person Behind the Viral Tom Cruise Deepfake

We spoke to VFX artist Chris Ume about the time his scarily convincing deepfake of Tom Cruise went viral on TikTok culminating in around 100 million views.
Reign "The Future of Fit" / web

Working Out At Home Is Here to Stay

Aly Orady on how technology is changing the home workout.
Slutever / S2 EP1

Slutever: Inside the World of VR Porn

Karley meets innovators in the world of VR Porn and becomes a porn avatar.
VICE News Tonight

This algorithm reads X-rays better than doctors do

Artificial intelligence has some radiologists worried about automation.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

The People Who Rule the World's Smallest Countries

VICE News meets the man who is replicating human creativity with robots artists
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This Artist Shows Us How Computers See The World

VICE News visits Trevor Paglen, an artist who is exploring how AI sees the world.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Artificial Intelligence Is Beating Humanity At Its Own Games

Google's AlphaGo beat 19-year-old Ke Jie, the world's best human Go player

The Smartphone is Absent | Perspectives, Esmeralda Kosmatopolous

Concluding our Perspectives series is conceptual artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, who asks big questions about being human in a time of omnipresent technology.
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This 19-year-old student created a 'robot lawyer' to get you out of parking tickets

Artificial intelligence is starting to find its first real-world applications

The First Talking, Artificially Intelligent Surveillance Camera

This DIY surveillance camera will scan your face, then speak aloud what it sees. We brought the tech into the streets.

The Dawn of Killer Robots

In INHUMAN KIND, Motherboard gains exclusive access to a small fleet of US Army bomb disposal robots.