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I Stop Multimillion Dollar Cyberattacks

Kurtis Minder is the middleman between hackers and companies with a lot to lose. He negotiates with the cybercriminals who hold entire businesses hostage for money.
The Business of Crime

The Billion-Dollar Kidnapping Trade

We look at the rise of kidnappings across the globe by organized crime, terrorist groups and rogue individuals.
The Business of Crime

How to Clean Dirty Money

From crypto kings in North Korea to major banks, We look at how criminals clean their money and how money laundering is essential to keep the criminal world running.
The Business of Crime

The Gangs Behind Online Fraud

From the Black Axe Gang performing romance scams on lonely singletons to fake crypto hustlers in South Korea, fraud is expanding at an alarming rate.
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Kids Grill KSI on Bitcoin, Maths and Fancying Selena Gomez

YouTuber, rapper and Noisey favourite KSI went back to his old primary school to let the school kids ask him any question they wanted.

Addicted to Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency Rehab Center

Motherboard goes to Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland, a rehabilitation facility that recently added treatment for cryptocurrency addiction to its gambling rehabilitation program.
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Credit Card Scammers: Street Gangs on the Dark Web

VICE met up with a full-time scammer for a look inside the shady, lucrative world of stealing credit card info on the dark web.

The City That Banned Bitcoin Mining

On March 15th, 2018, the city of Plattsburgh in upstate New York issued an 18-month moratorium on cryptocurrency mining.
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Crypto traders talk about the future of their investments

After a volatile few months in the crypto space, we spoke to investors to see how they're handling it.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Who was the internet's biggest villain in 2017?

Who will win? Place your bets — using your preferred volatile cryptocurrency — and watch.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

The tech that powers bitcoin could tackle corruption

VICE News breaks down the technology behind bitcoin called Blockchain.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This startup is using blockchain to prevent foodborne illnesses and reduce food waste

OwlTing's blockchain technology could change how we deal with food-borne illness, fraud and food waste.