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Falsely Accused of Pedophilia Online - Guy Babcock

A vicious troll destroyed Guy Babcock’s reputation by writing hundreds of posts calling him a pedophile. After investigating, he couldn't believe who was behind it.
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I’m the Victim of a Far-Right Conspiracy Theory

From being labelled the Head of Antifa to the QAnon Shaman, Spencer Sunshine has been the victim of countless baseless conspiracy theories for reporting on extremism.
The Truth Hurts

How Conspiracy Theories Deny Science | Truth Hurts

Conspiracy theorists have been misinterpreting scientific discovery for decades to fuel their nonsense. We looked at the battle between science denial and conspiracy.
The Truth Hurts

How Conspiracy Theories Become Violent | Truth Hurts

What’s the difference between someone who’s into conspiracy theories and someone who’s so influenced by them they become a mass shooter? We look at the tipping point.
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The Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory in the World

Antisemitism is a common theme running throughout many conspiracy theories. That's because of a book – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – by the Russian Secret Police.
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The Prank That Turned Into a Conspiracy Theory

In this episode of Truth Hurts, we look at the books, films and TV shows that conspiracy theorists have been taking their ideas from.
Why Should I Give A Shit About...

Why Should I Give A Shit About...The End of the World?

Before the pandemic Alhan met men who believe the world's about to end. They taught him vital skills he’ll need for the impending apocalypse.
Quarantine Conspiracy Show

Conspiracy Theorists & Experts Debate QAnon’s COVID-19 Claims

Lee Adams hosts a show about the dark corners of the internet, filmed on the internet, for the internet.
Dark Side of the Ring - UK / Clip

DARK SIDE OF THE RING premieres June 5 on VICE on TV

Finding truth at the intersection of fantasy and reality in the veiled world of professional wrestling.

The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement

VICE met up with a handful of conspiracy theorists dedicated to “proving” that some of the worst mass shootings in recent history never happened.
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Das echte 'Akte X'?

Wir haben uns mit einem erfahrenen Privatermittler für Paranormales getroffen, um herauszufinden, ob die Wahrheit wirklich irgendwo da draußen ist.