The Fake Priest Accused of Swindling Millions

“Father” Ryan claimed to be a priest. But followers say he was a con man, scamming victims to fund a lifestyle which included extravagant purchases… like a herd of llamas.
The Business of Crime / web

How to Buy Black Market Guns From Cops

South Africa’s gangs have been a long established issue in a country with widespread corruption and violence. But how do they exploit a weak police force to further their aims?
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Beating Scammers at Their Own Game

Jim Browning beats call center scammers at their own game. By hacking their computers to watch their every move he can save their unsuspecting victims just in time.
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The Forensic Artist Solving Cold Cases

Paloma Galzi creates age progressions of long-term missing children. As a forensic artist, her work has successfully brought numerous missing kids home safely.
Violation / web

Sexual Abuse in Thai Politics

Prinn Panitchpakdi, the former deputy leader for Thailand’s Democrat Party, has been accused of sexual harrasement by at least 16 women. VICE World News speaks with one survivor to find out why Thailand has such a high tolerance for sexual crimes.
VICE World News APAC / web

One-Off: Inside Singapore’s War Against Drugs

There are an estimated 60 inmates on death row in Singapore, most of whom are for drug-related offences. VWN speaks with 64-year old Nazeri bin Lajim, who is the 9th execution scheduled in 2022.
Bad Blood / web

Bad Blood - North Korean Spy

On January 17 1968, 31 N. Korean special forces members crossed into S. Korea to kill the President. Kim Shin Jo is one of the survivors who lived to share their story.
The Big Steal / web

How FIFA Officials Stole from the World Cup

World Cup’s governing body FIFA has long been accused of corruption, bribery and vote rigging at the highest level.
VWN Decade of Hate

Putin’s Secret Neo-Nazi Armies

Whilst Putin claims he is “denazifying Ukraine”, he is the one who has long-cultivated ties with neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists to further his own authoritarian agenda.

Using Snapchat to Rob Influencers

Social media has become the perfect tool for criminals to spot their prey and target them. VICE meets the influencers and celebrities who are getting robbed, and the criminals who are tracking them down.
The Business of Crime

The Freemason and The Mafia

VWN explore the alleged links between Italian Mafia groups and the Freemason - a connection that has a long, if not always entirely clear cut, history.
The Big Steal

The Commonwealth Games Scam

This is the story of how India’s officials set up a maze of scams at one of the biggest sporting events in the world.