How a Saudi Billionaire Avoided a $320M Divorce Suit

How did a billionaire sheik secretly divorce his supermodel wife, marry someone else, and then try to get out of paying millions in alimony? He went to the offshore, of course, and he used the most expensive lifeboat there is: diplomatic immunity.
The Business of Crime

How One of Europe's Deadliest Drug Gangs Infiltrated World Boxing

In The Business of Crime, we explore how one man stepping out from the shadows may help bring down one of the most notorious crime syndicates in the world.

Pretending To Die in a Canoe Accident to Claim Insurance

Why did a man who convinced everyone he was dead reappear five years later? This is how the con artist behind one of the UK’s most sensational scandals got caught.
The Business of Crime

The Cult Behind Japan’s Deadliest Terrorist Attack

This is how a domestic terrorist group called the Aum Shinrikyo managed to obtain chemical weapons, and how their legacy casts a shadow across modern-day Japan.
Bad Blood

Bad Blood - Former Extremist Opens Foundation

Former Indonesian terrorist Yusuf Adimira was convicted as an accomplice in the Bali bombings. Yusuf takes us back to how it all began.

The Fake Priest Accused of Swindling Millions

“Father” Ryan claimed to be a priest. But followers say he was a con man, scamming victims to fund a lifestyle which included extravagant purchases… like a herd of llamas.
The Business of Crime

How to Buy Black Market Guns From Cops

South Africa’s gangs have been a long established issue in a country with widespread corruption and violence. But how do they exploit a weak police force to further their aims?
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Beating Scammers at Their Own Game

Jim Browning beats call center scammers at their own game. By hacking their computers to watch their every move he can save their unsuspecting victims just in time.
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The Forensic Artist Solving Cold Cases

Paloma Galzi creates age progressions of long-term missing children. As a forensic artist, her work has successfully brought numerous missing kids home safely.
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Sexual Abuse in Thai Politics

Prinn Panitchpakdi, the former deputy leader for Thailand’s Democrat Party, has been accused of sexual harrasement by at least 16 women. VICE World News speaks with one survivor to find out why Thailand has such a high tolerance for sexual crimes.
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One-Off: Inside Singapore’s War Against Drugs

There are an estimated 60 inmates on death row in Singapore, most of whom are for drug-related offences. VWN speaks with 64-year old Nazeri bin Lajim, who is the 9th execution scheduled in 2022.
Bad Blood

Bad Blood - North Korean Spy

On January 17 1968, 31 N. Korean special forces members crossed into S. Korea to kill the President. Kim Shin Jo is one of the survivors who lived to share their story.