VWN Decade of Hate

Putin’s Secret Neo-Nazi Armies

Whilst Putin claims he is “denazifying Ukraine”, he is the one who has long-cultivated ties with neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists to further his own authoritarian agenda.

Using Snapchat to Rob Influencers

Social media has become the perfect tool for criminals to spot their prey and target them. VICE meets the influencers and celebrities who are getting robbed, and the criminals who are tracking them down.
The Business of Crime

The Freemason and The Mafia

VWN explore the alleged links between Italian Mafia groups and the Freemason - a connection that has a long, if not always entirely clear cut, history.
The Big Steal

The Commonwealth Games Scam

This is the story of how India’s officials set up a maze of scams at one of the biggest sporting events in the world.
The War On Drugs

How Speed is Fuelling Wars in The Middle East

The Syrian government have become some of the world’s biggest amphetamine dealers – flooding the Middle East with the drug Captagon to finance their war machine.

Sex Abuse in the Korean Military

South Korea’s military is considered one of its most male-dominant institutions. In 2021, a female soldier committed suicide after being repeatedly sexually assaulted.

The Most Dangerous City in Europe?

In Marseille, violence between drug gangs fighting for territory has spiralled out of control. VICE meets the criminals behind these wars and the victims.
The Big Steal

Undoing of Bo Xilai

The murder of a business associate marked the beginning of the end of Bo Xilai, who at the height of his power in China’s political establishment, was considered a rival to no-less than Xi Jinping, the current President of China.

Bringing Down the Revenge Porn King

When James McGibney discovered the ‘king of revenge porn’, Hunter Moore, he instantly hated him. With help from Anonymous, James took down the Internet’s most hated man.
The Business of Crime

The Cults Buying Up Towns

We look at the rich tradition of cults buying up land across the world – the occasional successes and the many, often bizarre, dangerous and sometimes fatal, failures.
The Big Steal

How Suharto Stole Billions from Indonesia

Indonesian President, Suharto, ruled Indonesia for over three decades, and allegedly amassed the largest ill-gotten fortune in all of Asia. A $35 billion theft, most of which was never recovered continues to haunt Indonesians till this day.
The Business of Crime

How Criminals Fake Their Own Death

We look at the mechanics of faking your own death, its long, strange history, and how it remains an appealing tactic of criminals across the world.